“Krypton” Episode 104 Recap: Just give me all of the Nyssa’s and no one gets hurt!

Last Episode on Krypton:

  • The homing beacon that crash landed near Kandor is actually a shell for a parasitic sentry who seeks a host to upload as much information about a planet to Brainiac for him to decide if the planet is worthy of being collected
  • The Sagitarrai are going on the offensive in the slums to try to root out Black Zero
  • The sentry has infected Rhom and has uploaded information about Krypton to Brainiac, making Krypton his next target
  • Lyta has arrested one of her own Sagitarii for the murder of a Rankless man and disobeys orders from Jayna – the Primus-  and holds her ground instead of investigating the breach at the communication center.

I think that pretty much covers Episode 3, shall we move on to Episode 4: The Word of Rao? Lets!

We start off this week in the apartments of Mr. Gold Face (I think that’s the name I will go with now) and it’s time for some dressing up in all his garb before asking for the preparations for the Nova Cycle Celebration to begin, although one of his acolytes points out that isn’t supposed to start for another few weeks. He explains that the Rankless Initiative from the last episode has caused the Rankless to lose faith and that the Nova Cycle will help restore this. Even without his mask on, The Voice of Rao still has a creepy voice, and the creep factor is turned up to 100 when the mask goes on. The Voice of Rao then goes to a balcony, puts his hand on a tablet and turns it from night to day in an instant, talking about how Kandor will be reborn.

In the Fortress, Seg, Adam, and Val are keeping a watchful eye over Rhom, who is somehow still alive and yet in no pain. Val explains that the technology is nothing that he has ever seen before and that Rhom has only a matter of hours to live. Seg then tells Adam that Rhom has a daughter, Ona and that it should be him and Kem who tell Ona that there was nothing more that they could do to save Rhom.

At the Military Guild, Lyta has returned from the Initiative and is confronted by Jayna who sends her to a Military Review for disobeying a Direct Order and calling her out for three of her squad being killed in action. She argues that it is due to her actions that more people did not end up dead, and then my heartstrings are pulled in a million different directions. Lyta tells Jayna that in her whole life she didn’t want her mothers’ lessons, she just wanted a mother. Dev-Em tries to comfort Lyta, and he hints that he is more than just loyal to her, that he loves her.

I just want to hug you right now Lyta!

Mr. Gold Face is now walking around in the slums with his acolytes all dressed up in their white robes and personally, I don’t even want to think of what the dry cleaning bills would be like to keep those clean (or maybe they are made of some special Kryptonian material which never gets dirty and if that is the case I WANT IT). Mr. Gold Man tries to give a blessing to the dead Rankless man, but the Rankless rise up against him leading him to go straight to see our least favorite Vex. In Daron-Vex’ office, Mr. Gold Face asks him to find a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative before he returns to the slums later that day. They decide that it needs to be someone in a high rank with a high position.

Back at Lyta’s inquisition, she is being questioned over her disobedience in her failure to carry out the orders to move into the communications center to root out a possible Black Zero threat. They move on to the arrest of Kol-Da and pull her up over the fact that she was not there to witness it. Lyta, like the amazing person she is, credits the arrest for saving the whole Sagitarii from a Rankless riot. Daron-Vex is rude AF an interrupts the inquisition and arrests Lyta for treason and for conspiring with Black Zero under the word of Rao.

In Kem’s tavern, little Ona is staring off into space and hugging her black statue that she prays to while her uncles look on unsure how to tell her that her mother will not be coming home. Seg suggests getting help from Mamma Zed who told Kem his parents died as a child. Seg goes to comfort Ona who only seems to care that Kem is sad. Kem, however, has heard some gossip that Mr. Gold Face has announced that Lyta is responsible for the Initiative and that Lyta has been arrested for it.

Seg goes straight to the Military Guild and runs into Dev-Em who tries to show Seg who is boss. Jayna steps up, disarms him and tells Seg to stay away from Lyta. She tells Seg that he is the reason that all of this is happening and that she will be put to death like Val if she doesn’t find a way out of this.

Nyssa finally appears and this is possibly a scene from my dreams. THERE ARE THREE NYSSA’S ON MY SCREEN RIGHT NOW AND I JUST CANNOT! Ok but seriously, there are three Nyssa’s, she is standing in a dressing gown trying to decide on an outfit to wear and the outfits appear on Nyssa Holograms (so not really three Nyssa’s but still three Nyssa’s). Seg stupid Seg then walks in but it does give us something glorious.

I have paused so many times in this scene as I just cannot with Nyssa!

He barges in and Nyssa asks for his help in choosing which one to wear, to which she promptly drops her dressing gown and stands in front of Seg while he asks her to help get the treason charges against Lyta dropped. Nyssa doesn’t buy Seg wanting to help a Sagitarii, and Seg blurts out that he LOVES Lyta. Nyssa knew and wanted Seg to confirm it to her.

Kol-Da’s testimony is playing in Daron-Vex’ office with Jayna looking on, and she claims that the Rankless man she killed was a Black Zero operative and that she was just defending herself and that Lyta provoked the Rankless by saying she murdered the man. Daron twists the evidence saying that the autopsy of the Rankless man showed a bond proving his link to Black Zero and in the process, proved Lyta’s testimony to be fake and that she is working with Black Zero.  Seg and Adam are again at the tavern (do these boys really have nothing better to do than day drink?) and Seg decides that to save Lyta, they must turn Rhom over to the council. Adam tries to talk Seg out of it, but then Seg destroys my heart my saying ‘A Krypton without Lyta isn’t worth saving’. Adam won’t let Seg go and knocks him out before he is kidnapped by what appears to be Sagitarii forces, but is actually the people who have been spying on him and forced their way into the communication center.

Lyta is all alone in a dark prison cell and receives a visit from Jayna who only wants to help. She calls her daughter and a Zod, telling her that she believes she is there because she is trying to protect Seg, and to give him up to save herself. Nyssa interrupts their fight and asks Jayna to leave.

Seg wakes up in what appears to be an abandoned tunnel strapped to a chair and being electrocuted by a cattle prod. The other person in the room pulls a weird looking beetle with WAY too many legs out of a jar and places it in Seg’s head, letting it crawl around his face and eventually up his nose to his brain. Just a quick note to say that whenever there is creepy crawlies involved, I’m out and I could not be more thankful that this scene cuts away quickly to Nyssa and Lyta.

This is not the kind of penetration I’m used to.

Nyssa tries to make Lyta jealous, saying that Seg sent her, that she hasn’t seen him since he left her place and that they already have a future and child together. Lyta tries to refuse help, and Nyssa pulls out the big guns, telling her that she is in the middle of some Game of Thrones style political game led by Mr. Gold Man and that she is her best hope of getting out of there alive.

Seg is still being tortured by the weird beetle, is given a reprieve when a man comes in and the beetle is dragged out through his ear (hello broken eardrum!). It turns out that it is a test to see if he is a sentry or not. If it worked then he is not a sentry, and they ask him for information about Brainiac. Seg uses his brain for once and given that they are wearing stolen uniforms, and decides that they are Black Zero. They are in fact an offshoot of Black Zero who are trying to save Krypton from Brainiac. Asking if the sentry is still alive, we discover that the upload is not the only part of its mission.

Ona and Kem go to see Mamma Zed who makes Ona some food while Kem talks to her about how to tell Ona her mother is dead. After Kem tells her he doesn’t want Ona to turn out to be like him, Mamma Zed advised him to tell Ona to never give up hope. Kem goes back with some big bowls filled with comfort food, and Ona shatters my already broken heart into a thousand more tiny pieces and scatters them into the wind. Kem tells Ona that they did everything that they could to save Rhom and that he will look after her and won’t let anything bad happen to her. Ona asks if they can still go to the Nova Cycle, as there is something she want’s to do for her mom.

 It’s fine Ona, I didn’t need my heart anyway!

In Daron-Vex’ office, Nyssa is definitely not pleased with him. She questions her father as to what made him manipulate the evidence to show Lyta as being a traitor. He blames Mr. Gold Face and explains that he needed a scapegoat for the failed initiative. The two of them have plans that we don’t know about, but that seems to rest on Jayna. They need Seg to unite Kandor, and with no Lyta, they won’t have a chance to overthrow Mr. Gold Face. Maybe the House of Vex isn’t so bad after all! (I’m sorry for ever doubting you Nyssa, but for a while there I thought you were wanting to kill Seg and that’s not acceptable). Daron maintains that Lyta must die and Nyssa storms out.

In Seg’s ‘Test’ chamber, we learn that the commander of the offshoot knew Val-El and that there is still a Fort Rozz. Seg asks for the commander to break a prisoner out of there in order to prove that he is honorable before Seg will work with him.

Little Ona wants to offer Mr. Gold Face her statue, to help her mom find her way into Rao’s light, but they get there a little too late. Ona runs through the crowds to get to the front and jumps on to the altar to Mr. Gold Man. Kem jumps in to save her, telling Mr. Gold Face that she just wants to give him an offering as her mother just died and needs to feel Rao’s love to help face her grief. Mr. Gold Face goes one further and gives her a rank and appoints her as a Novice. While all of this is happening to Ona, Adam and Val are in the Fortress with Rhom who wakes up briefly and asks for Ona, specifically asks for Ona to be stopped before the link with Brainiac is severed, killing Rhom.

Seg finally has a getaway plan, and once released from his old-timey barber chair of doom, he steps on a cattle prod which was left in water and tases the woman who helped capture him. She doesn’t stay down for long and she gets in a few punches before Seg stuffs the beetle of doom in her mouth, getting away through the tunnels with a gun.

Jayna is left with the task of cleaning the word ‘Traitor’ off Lyta’s armor and is paid an unexpected visit from Nyssa. Jayna, not in the mood for visitors – especially Vex visitors – asks for Nyssa to leave. Nyssa has other plans, and goes against her father’s wishes and tries to sway Jayna over to their cause of taking down the Voice of Rao. Nyssa claims that the only way that she will be able to save Lyta’s life is to commit an act of treason herself, going against everything her House stands for. Jayna, a smart woman, recognizes that they would be moving from one tyrant to another as this move would in fact put Daron-Vex in charge. It seems to give Jayna pause for thought though as will everything House Zod stands for be remembered if it all ends with Lyta’s death for treason.

At the Nova Cycle, the acolytes are explaining what it all means before Ona comes out dressed as a novice and looking positively angelic to lead the Rankless in prayer. Her prayers juxtapose the action on screen – Rao giving strength, life and glory is shown with Jayna and Lyta side by side (with a barrier between them) in Lyta’s cell, Darkness is shown with Seg escaping the tunnels and into the Outlands and the light, and with a new beginning we are back to Ona standing before Mr. Gold Face.

Ona is so small and so cute and happy here and I will fight anyone who makes her unhappy again!

We end the episode back in Mr. Gold Face’s chambers after he turns it from day to night. He picks up Ona’s offering and studies it and the next thing we are treated to is the sentry popping out of it, forcing its way into Mr. Gold Face and infecting him with its darkness.

Well, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. It’s called House of Zod so I expect that we shall see a LOT of Lyta being a BAMF


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