Meet the Fangirls!

Editor: Christine

Christine and Emily Andras

Christine is a self-proclaimed geek in every sense of the word. She goes from shouting into the Twitter void daily about all of her obsessions, to creating cosplays and going to conventions.

Christine is obsessed with all aspects of fangirling and fandom life.

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Fangirl Den was created in 2018 by Christine to shout a little louder into the endless void about the things that she loves and turned her attention to sharing her somewhat loud discussions on social media towards a more focused attempt at showing her love, ranging across TV, Books, Movies, Games, Comics, and Music.

She loves to shout about all things Fangirl. Only now, she has a larger platform on which to do so!


If you are interested in being a contributor, contact us on either Twitter or Instagram by DM.