Fangirl Den’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022!

We’re back after a year’s break to bring you some more gifts to buy for that fangirl (of any gender) in your life! Sit back and relax. We got you covered with some gifts from just a few of our favorite fandoms of the last few years.

Dungeons and Dragons

Alright, starting off yet again with D&D, but I either own these or I want to own these. Why wouldn’t I? Anyway, a Dice Trunk is a fantastic addition for all your dice hoarding. I should know, I just bought this exact one to add my new dice to that are coming for Christmas as my other trunk is full of my collectible ones. That and the notebooks are fantastic! I backed them a while ago on Kickstarter and love them!

Stranger Things

I know we’ve done stranger things before, but who didn’t fall for Eddie Munson this year or have their heart broken by Max? I certainly did! Coming home from a convention to watch Stranger Things for a few hours when the second batch of episodes dropped may not have been the best thing for me sleep-wise, but who can have the risk of spoilers in their lives? Not me anyway! I’m sure some friends of mine will love certain things on this list.

Doctor Who

The Regeneration of a Doctor calls for a Doctor Who list! Have we done one before? Yes. Does it matter? No! Anyway, allonsy!

The Addams Family

Ok, time for a new addition. I’ve been obsessed with The Addams Family for years. What can I say? They are Mysterious and spooky. And with Wednesday just being released a few days ago on Netflix on you guessed it, Wednesday, I can’t not include them. Sure one of these is women of horror, and I love Elvira too, but it was too good to miss out.


If you know me, then you know I love musicals! So much so that I plan my entire trip to London each year around getting to see as many musicals as I can! In 2019, I got to see Waitress for the first time, but Covid stopped me from seeing any for a while. Last year I was back with a vengeance and between this year and last year I’ve gone to see Wicked twice, Hamilton, and Six! Here’s some things for the Theatre nerd in your life.

I think five fandoms in one list is enough for now. Who knows, there may be a new list soon with even more fandoms! We haven’t even touched video games or Disney or anything like that. If there are any fandoms you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll put together a list of six perfect things for the fan in your life.

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