“Krypton” Episode 106 Recap: Doomsday

Last Episode on Krypton:

  • Seg is still missing and is wandering the Outlands with the Commander on his tail, and seeks refuge with worshipers of the Ice Goddess, Cythonna.
  • Lyta is still imprisoned and is due to face the sword to be executed, only to be given a stay of execution when Daron-Vex stated Kol-Da has recanted her statement and Kol-Da is found dead in her cell.
  • Jayna is pondering the meaning of honor in her house and is asked again by the Vex’ if she will join their cause.
  • Seg manages to get in contact with Adam who goes to Lyta for help finding him in the Outlands. They find him after he has been recaptured by the Commander who turns out to be Lyta’s son.

Now you are all caught on episode 5, its time for Episode 6 ‘Civil Wars’

We start this episode back with the Commander, Lyta, and Seg with the Commander explaining that Lyta gave him the necklace with their sigil on it when he was a boy and told him that Zod’s kneel for no one before Adam comes in with a gun and decides to break up the family reunion by explaining that the Commander is General Zod, Superman’s greatest enemy.

Cut to a nice cinematic view of Krypton and its sun, Rao, before we hear Ona saying her prayers in Mr. Gold Face’s room. She has the weird Kryptonian face tattoos on her now that the older servants of Mr. Gold Face wear, and maybe I am not OK with that. Anyway, Mr. Gold Face decided that it’s a good idea to ask a 10-year-old (maybe she is 10 I’m not sure)  philosophical questions like ‘Did Rao create life?’ and ‘What is faith?’ to test her to see if she is worthy enough of eternal life. He basically threatens her with death and that is not ok.

In the Lawmakers Guild, we get our first glimpse of Nyssa in this episode standing in her father’s office with Daron and Jayna discussing their plans for overthrowing Mr. Gold Face at the closing of the Nova Cycle. They have decided that a bomb is the best way to go, like nothing bad ever happened by setting off a bomb. Jayna cautions the pair about who they choose to join their team and tells them that she is securing Dev-Em for the cause to help with the bomb. At least not we have an answer for last weeks big question that I posted:

I’m not entirely sure who she is speaking to with this line, whether it be about Lyta and the dishonor that she has brought on the house with this ‘episode’. It may even be that she believes that Seg is an operative for Black Zero and Lyta’s love for him has corrupted her making her an operative as well. Or it may even be that the shame is reflected inwards, in that she feels shame over placing her duty over Lyta, or even that she feels shame over that she was almost ready to join Nyssa and Daron in exchange for Lyta’s life. We never truly got an answer as to if she was joining the Vex’ in their vendetta, so she may be feeling shame over the fact that she has dishonored herself and her family name by going against her duty to the state and has placed her duty to Lyta in a higher position and joined them. I guess we have to wait to find out but I think that she is more ashamed over joining Nyssa and Daron as I have to believe that there is more than one maternal bone in Jayna-Zod’s body.

Now we know that the shame that Jayna was referring to is that of her losing her honor and joining the Vex’ in taking down Mr. Gold Face, going against her house values of and places her family above her duty.

Nyssa is playing some amazing an amazing Game of Thrones style political game and is moving all the houses around like chess pieces until she can finally say ‘Check Mate’ against Mr. Gold Face. She has outmaneuvered her father in the previous episode and has even added a new piece, Jayna, into the game.

And here is your weekly edition of ‘Nyssa-Vex is amazing! Don’t @ me because you know it’s true!’

Back in the Outlands, Adam is still pointing a gun at General Zod but hasn’t killed him yet. Seg steps in and asks for explanations. Zod has traveled back through time to get to Krypton at that exact moment, and Adam believes that it is in order to destroy Krypton with Brainiac’s help. It turns out that in ripping Kandor away to become part of his collection, Brainiac destabilizes Krypton’s core making it explode in 200 years and forcing Kal-El and Kara Zor-El to be sent to Earth I am aware that they are yet to mention Kara but they are in the same universe, that is if Adam is from Earth 38 and now I am just getting my brain in knots thinking about the multiverse so I’ll stop there. Zod instead explains that Brainiac is not from the future and that he is there to save Krypton. Adam, it seems, has forgotten to tell Seg that Krypton explodes, and asks for them to trust him while stating that Zod is not to be trusted. Lyta asks Zod to complete a phrase from their family, which he does, therefore making her trust him over Adam and perform a nice little piece of disarmament. Seg cannot trust Adam any longer and asks Lyta to cuff both of them and asks Zod to explain his plan.

Brainiac is pretty much immortal and has existed for thousands of years, and whenever he ‘collects’ a civilization, he takes on their knowledge, and Krypton’s weapons are useless against him. Adam doesn’t believe that Zod has a plan, but he does have a little something tucked up his sleeve. In the archives of Kryptonopolis, Zod discovered the location of a secret weapon which is so powerful it may be able to stop Brainiac. He has one clue as to its location, a stone bearing the sigil of the house of El, the same sigil Seg found on the wall in the previous episode while trying to escape. Zod asks for Seg to take him there.

At the Military Guild,  Jayna has called on Dev-Em to join the cause, calling the Rankless Initiative – and I quote – ‘Shit’. Dev recognizes this and recognizes that Lyta was made a scapegoat for the council’s mistakes. When questioned, Dev also answers that life has not gotten better in Kandor but that he is powerless to change it. Jayna further explains that there are those within society who wish to see change, and to make a change in the leadership, forcing Dev to see that Mr. Gold Face has to go. Trusting Jayna, Dev commits to the cause and to Jayna, citing that everything that he knows about being a Sagittarii is from following her lead, and basically tells her ‘Where you go, I go.’

If I could, then I would I’ll go wherever you will go

In the Outlands again, Adam is digging a bigger hole for himself and doesn’t even have a flashlight to see a way out. He says that the conversation was too hard to have and that he knew that Supermans Enemy was going back to change the past, and causing Superman to never exist in the process. Lyta calls for peace and for them to all work together, Adam has other ideas though and believes that in order to preserve the future, that they must let Brainiac collect Kandor City.

In the Lawmakers Guild, as part of the Nova Cycle, Mr. Gold Face’s minions are pardoning convicts for their crimes. Dev-Em is screening them, being overlooked by Nyssa, who passes him a knowing look as one convict steps up for his turn. This one was not on the list of prisoners being pardoned and is a Black Zero bomb maker. Dev’s sidekick for this job takes it upon himself to question it, causing Nyssa to come over like a BAMF and put him in his place, saying it is not their place to question Mr. Gold Face’s motives (that’s what I am here for) and forces him to let him go. Nyssa, now in cahoots with Dev-Em, asks him to escort the now free man from the building.

Lyta states the one thing that we have all been thinking about Adam for the whole series so far, that Adam is insane. I know you have all been thinking that too. Adam though is a scientist and knows all about the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and pleads with Seg to follow his course of action. Seg sees ‘s through this and basically calls Adam obsessed with Superman (Is Adam in love with Superman? Just a random thought here about why someone would travel back 200 years and to a completely different planet in another solar system). He believes that if Kandor is saved, then maybe Krypton will be alright, and maybe Superman will not be born, but it’s too many ‘What If’s’ and that it’s too much of a risk to potentially never have a Superman. Seg doesn’t see the point in making the world better, in having loved ones and children if its all going to end anyway in a big death filled explosion encompassing the whole planet. Adam asks once more for Seg to place his trust in him, but Seg leaves him behind with a guard while he takes Lyta and Zod to find the weapon to take down Brainiac. On their wanderings through the tunnels, we learn that Zod while friends with Jor-El, disliked Superman because he turned his back on his Kryptonian heritage and placed more pride in his Earth heritage.

We go back to Ona who again is asked philosophical questions about why faith is important and why it is important to her. He then calls her ‘Sundrop’, a nickname her mother used to call her that he shouldn’t know. He explains that the ‘special ones’ he absorbs and takes on everything that they are (and I kind of have visions of that Doctor Who episode right now where there are the absorbed faces moving around on the alien’s body and it is definitely not a pleasing thought). He basically asks Ona if she will allow herself to be absorbed, and to be granted eternal life with her mother, and grants her time to think about it.


Daron-Vex is annoyed but when is he not about the lieutenant asking questions about the pardon for the Black Zero bomb maker, why he hasn’t returned to his home and hasn’t been seen since he was pardoned. Lyta explains that he is under lock and key in the safety of a Rankless safe house until he is needed to be arrested for the death of Mr. Gold Face, and killed during his arrest. Daron wants Jayna to do more to have their people in place, but Jayna ever the voice of reason explains that it will cause too much attraction if she were to slip anyone else in. Daron wants him ‘taken care of’, which Jayna argues against. Daron it seems was a nobody, who came out of the woodwork to marry into house Vex and then spent his life making house Vex into a prominent house. Jayna is reluctant to kill one of her officers just to further Daron’s ego, which he does not deny. Daron wants all 8 cities to work together to forge a better Krypton. He may look out for numero uno, but that the people of Kandor are second on his mind, unlike Mr. Gold Face, who only cares about the glory of Rao.

The lieutenant who is under scrutiny by Daron approaches Dev and furthers his questioning, stating that he wants an audience with Mr. Gold Face. Dev sees that there is no way out for them, but the lieutenant slips through and tries unsuccessfully to convince us that he will not take any further action. Next time we see him, he is in Jayna’s office. He has indeed requested the audience with Mr. Gold Face, causing Jayna to take care of him, firstly with a slam to the chest to knock the breath out of him and then getting him in a choke hold snap his neck.

Back in the tunnels, Zod and Lyta have some mother-son bonding time. Future Lyta is more like her mother that she planned to be. She was weighed down by the loss of Kandor and is in one the ships that attack Brainiac’s when Kandor was ripped from Krypton. She becomes bitter because she only see’s her failures, but still managed to teach Zod that the defense of Krypton is all that matters. Seg and Lyta come to the realization that with both of their sons being best friends means that in the future they are not together.

Dev-Em has managed to find the location of the bomb makers equipment and has finished off one of the bombs ready to use against Mr. Gold Face, using a timer rather than a remote detonator so that it will not be traced back to them. Daron is finally happy about something as the lieutenant has been taken care of and lets Daron know that he is free to set the bomb up in the tribunal.

If this is a happy Daron-Vex, I’d hate to see what an unhappy Daron looks like!

Mr. Gold Face is being dressed by Ona (though why a grown man needs to be dressed by a 10-year-old is both baffling and disturbing) and is again asking Ona if she wants to be ‘absorbed’ to join her mother. Ona is smart though and states that she wants to serve Mr. Gold Face there instead and is treated by a hug from Ona, and doesn’t know what to do with it. (remember the Voldemort hug from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2, think of that but Voldemort is wearing a gold mask). Dev-Em interrupts the pair and tries to drag him away to the chamber for the end of the Nova Cycle. It is here that Mr. Gold Face decides to ruin a good plan, and decides that instead of it being a private event, he is going to open it up to the public. Dev tries to convince him otherwise to preserve the plan, but it doesn’t work.

In the tunnels, Seg, Lyta, and Zod have found the door with the sigil on it. Zod, ever the brute, tries to explode the door to force his way in, and understandably things are not quite so easy.

The plan is now in ruins, there is too much ‘collateral damage’ for Dev, and he tries to convince Jayna, Daron, and Nyssa, that they need to abort the plan. It is too dangerous for them to do so. There are too many moving parts, too many people involved who can talk and betray them. He asks for Jayna’s help but she is on Daron’s side. In the chamber, Dev cannot contain himself, and he starts shouting about a bomb in the chamber, asking everyone to evacuate.

We cut back to the tunnels where the door is still shut. Seg uses his brain for once and realizes that the sigil on the door is not just that of House El but is mixed in with that of House Zod, and Lyta realizes that both families worked together to create the vault and that they must use the Blood of both houses to open it. Adam likes to interrupt though but doesn’t succeed in stopping them from opening the door to reveal a creature frozen in a case, Doomsday. Doomsday is the weapon that the Cythonnians are protecting, and the one that will stop Brainiac. They explain that Doomsday was created by the two houses working together. Zod doesn’t see the danger in letting Doomsday out as it is their only way of stopping Brainiac. He fires on the  Cythonnians, forcing them to flee the tunnels with Zod being injured in the process. Adam flees with them and is told that he can travel back with them, but that he is to find his time travel device and leave Kandor for good as soon as they get back. They do agree on one thing though, that Doomsday is not to be used and that Seg must find another way to defeat Brainiac.

Mr. Gold Face is being led back to his chambers by Dev-Em after the bomb fiasco. It turns out that the plan was not a complete loss. It managed to get Mr. Gold Face some alone time with a firing squad headed by Jayna in his own rooms. He is a slimy one though and asks to face death with his own eyes rather than from behind his mask. When he takes the mask off, he reveals that he has been taken over completely by the sentry. His arms are dark, his eyes are red and he has a lovely green tinge to his neck and face. He then spouts tentacles from his hands and forces them into the Sagitarii.

Um, excuse me, sir? I think you need to call a doctor to get that rash looked at. Oh, tentacles too? That’s cool I guess!


And that’s all she wrote! (Literally! this episode was written by a woman.)

-Written by Christine

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