“Krypton” Episode 107 Recap: 20Gayteen Provides!

Last Episode on Krypton:

  • Mr. Gold Face gets very philosophical and asks little Ona about the meaning of faith and if she wants eternal life.
  • Nyssa, Daron, Jayna, and Dev are planning a coup and have planted a bomb in the chamber room where Mr. Gold Face will be closing the Nova Cycle.
  • Seg and Lyta no longer trust Adam as he did not tell them that the collection of Kandor will cause Krypton to explode. They instead trust Commander Zod, Lyta’s son, who is looking for the weapon Doomsday and use it against Brainiac.
  • After a failed bomb attempt, Jayna and Dev-Em try to assassinate Mr. Gold Face with a firing squad in his own rooms, but the Sentry has taken hold and he shoots tentacles out of his hands to stop them.

Catch up time is over, its time for Episode 7 ‘Transformation’

We start this week with Jayna running in slow motion through the hallway trying to outrun Brainiac’s tentacles and trying to be faster than the guy behind her.  She is successful and gets away, however, the Sagitarii who were tentacled that sounds wrong but oh well are still stuck in the chambers and have been brainwashed by Face Rash (I don’t think I can call him Mr. Gold Face anymore).

Daron-Vex is summoned to Face Rash after trying to flee the city during his coup.  Rash Face pulls him up by the throat and confirming to us that there is no God and flat out states that he is an agent of Brainiac. Of course, Daron-Vex tries to save his bacon and sings like a canary, confirming that he and Jayna were in charge of the coup trying to get revenge for the murder of his parents, who worshipped the Ice Goddess. He doesn’t stop there though. He says that he will put every traitor to death publicly and then gives up Nyssa’s name as a conspirator. At this point, I nearly threw my TV out of the window as Nyssa is in her rooms under house arrest and has been placed there by her father.

I in no way apologize for the amount of Nyssa screen caps coming your way.

Kem finally is back in an episode as Seg brings Lyta and Zod to his tavern and forces him to make everyone leave to give them shelter. Zod is a lot worse then he lets on and is getting worse by the second. Lyta has been out of the loop too long as she doesn’t know that all communications are being monitored after the failed coup and the city is on lockdown until the conspirators are apprehended. Lyta doesn’t believe that her mother has betrayed her beliefs and has orchestrated the coup, she believes her to still be the good Zod that Jayna taught her to be. Kem reveals that Nyssa is also being held after being accused of being part of the coup, and is facing execution.

Adam is being his broody self and staring at Supermans cape, drinking his sorrows away (seriously did he take lessons from Batman!). He is trying to get his timey-wimey device fixed and requires Val-El’s help.  After a hurtful Pinocchio joke, Adam reveals that what he really needs is Superman to come and save the day!

In the tavern, Lyta and Seg are discussing their next steps, Lyta needs to find her mother and Seg needs to save Nyssa. Lyta doesn’t understand why Seg wants to save Nyssa, but he replies that when she was up for execution, Nyssa was there trying to prevent it and he must now be there and do the same for Nyssa.

In Nyssa’s chambers, Daron has come to pay a visit. Nyssa is ready for him and has instead set a trap. She has created a hologram of herself sitting calm and collected on a chair, listening to music, and when Daron pulls a gun on her to kill her, she instead appears behind him, ready with a knife at his throat

To be fair, it is better than an arrow to the chest while on the toilet with your pants around your ankles Daron

Lyta is now dressed as one of the Rankless and is searching for her mother when she is apprehended by Dev-Em who has somehow managed to escape the clutches of Rash Face. He confirms that they both were part of the coup and that Rash Face is the sentry controlled by Brainiac. Lyta thinks that she knows where her mother is and heads off to the Black Market to get supplies with Dev, who questions Lyta’s love for him. Lyta does love him, but just not in the way that he wants her to.

Nyssa now has her fathers gun and has it fixed firmly against his temple calling him out for changing her into something she doesn’t want to be. Nyssa is more hurt that she was fooled into believing that Daron loves her and that she gave up her entire life and everything that she is to be the person that her father wanted her to be. Daron has turned her into the perfect political tool that she never wanted to be, but her rampage is interrupted when Seg appears at her door demanding entrance.

Don’t worry Nyssa, even though Daron doesn’t love you I always will!

Nyssa forces Daron to allow Seg entry to the rooms, who confronts him about working for Brainiac after condemning his grandfather to death for warning all of Kandor about his existence. Talk about double standards! Seg tries to get information out of him by holding him up like a thug. Daron again is only out for himself and says it’s better to live under his rule than to be dead. Nyssa pulls the gun on him again but is stopped by Seg who has been influenced by his words that they need Daron to get out of there alive. Personally, I think they should just shoot Daron and be done with it. Daron squeals like a pig and calls on the guards, giving me the scene I’ve been waiting all week on, Nyssa-Vex fighting and taking out Sagitarii!


After this amazing scene, we’re back to the boring Fortress of Brooding with Adam who is pining over the fact that Superman is not there to save his ass. Apparently, only heroes get nicknames (something I don’t believe for one moment seeing as some people one person calls me SG after Supergirl.) Adam is the broodiest brooder whoever brooded and is moaning about his lack of superpowers and his broken Zeta Beam and how he wants to go back to Earth to send ‘someone with a goddamned nickname’. Seriously, did Bruce Wayne create a university for brooding that we are not aware of because I think Adam graduated with honors!

Lyta and Dev have used their Black Market gear to make their way into the Outlands to find Jayna, who has set up camp in the spot where she killed her brother all those years before. Jayna believes she is the only one to escape, and that’s because she is. Dev is now a Brainiac Zombie! He even has the head implant to prove it!  He preaches about how Brainiac has opened his mind and given him a purpose and has given him eternal life. Eternal life my ass! After failing to convert Lyta, she blasts his arm off to save her mother and shuts down the implant at the same time.

Daron is now faced with the task of going before Rash Face again, who is unsurprised by his failure to murder Nyssa. Daron, whose bacon is safe for another day, explains that in order to keep up appearances, Rash Face has to extinguish the Flame of Rebirth. (Think of the Olympics here, but instead of competing to show who is the best in their athletic field, they just pray and drink the day away). Rash Face agrees but doesn’t need any more security as he has created an army of Brainiac Zombies who are all ready and ‘willing’ to carry out his orders.

Jayna and Lyta are having a mother-daughter bonding moment over Jayna not having faith in Lyta. Lyta though questions her mother’s motives behind her involvement in the coup as it goes against everything she has been taught since she has come out of the Genesis Chamber about what it means to be a Zod. (I was going to say from birth, but are you birthed from a Genesis Chamber, are you extracted? The science part of my brain is going into overload!) Jayna reveals that she was a part of the coup in a quid-pro-quo situation, help Daron stage his coup in exchange for Lyta’s life. Lyta, trusting Jayna, introduces her to Commander Zod. Jayna asks the million dollar question, who is Zod’s father. He reveals that he never knew him, but that he was killed in the battle for Kandor. (OK so we know that we are nearing the end of the season and that we have been building so far towards a showdown between Seg and Brainiac over Kandor. We also know that there is more than a budding romance between Seg and Lyta. Can we assume for now that Commander Zod is a child created outside of the Genesis Chamber and is Seg and Lyta’s kid? I think so and I think Jayna thinks so too!)

Seg and Nyssa have managed to escape unscathed from her rooms, and are now trying to make their way back to Kem’s Tavern. Seg, seeing someone who is from the Lawmakers Guild, wants to know where Nyssa learned to fight and what comes out of her mouth made me pause on my first watch, rewind and pay 100 times just to make sure that what I heard was correct. Nyssa-Vex reveals that once upon a time, she had a girlfriend who was a combat instructor and taught her. I just want to say that I want this soundbite etched on my grave as my cause of death. Yup, you just read that right, Nyssa-Vex has had a girlfriend! And because on Krypton, bonded pairs don’t have to be a man and a woman and is instead based on compatibility in their genes, this absolutely does not phase Seg in any way! 20GAYTEEN PROVIDES! Nyssa tries her hardest to thank Seg, who doesn’t believe that she deserves to be saved, especially from Seg. A guard patrol comes by and Nyssa does the only thing she can to try and make them invisible after flirting with Seg, she kisses him, but the guards realize that it’s them anyway forcing them to escape.

I didn’t realize it was possible to love someone more than I love Nyssa-Vex at this moment.

The pair runs into Lyta, Jayna, and Zod who save them from the Sagitarii who are pursuing them. Seg, caught in a nice little love triangle, is turned on by Lyta taking down one of her commanders to save Seg and Nyssa from capture. No one apart from Seg trusts Nyssa when they finally get to safety. They see her as nothing but a carbon copy of Daron-Vex (I think I’ll start calling him Douche-Vex) who will betray them, but Seg calls for unity. Now let the planning begin! They want to go to Kryptonopolis, but Zod confirms that the battle for Kandor is in a few weeks. Seg instead wants to use the Olympics Closing Ceremony to expose Rash Face for the thing that he really is, an agent of Brainiac, and use the people of Kandor as an army to rise against him. (Cue ‘Can you hear the people sing’ from Les Miserables)

Thanks, Wallis Day. You broke my soul with this look.

In the Fortress of Brooding, your friendly neighbor hologram has fixed the Zeta Beam! Adam can now disappear back to Earth, but Val asks Adam why he came to Krypton if he wasn’t a hero. Adam just wants to be noticed by the Justice League and to save Superman (and to maybe become a Professor of Brooding at the Wayne Academy of Non-Essential Life Skills). Val though pulls out the ‘Not All Heroes wear Capes’ monologue and tells Adam that it’s not the super abilities that make you a hero, it’s your decisions to try and make a change to help others that makes you one. Adam though has picked up on another skill from Batman, and that is working alone and not listening to the advice that is given to you. He instead wipes the log of Val fixing the Zeta Beam and of their conversation from the hard drives and takes off to kill Zod.

We are back in the slums now with the closing ceremony, and Daron has decided to try his hand at being a priest. The Zombies interrupt him with Rash Face being led by Ona. Our little Kryptonian Rebels are waiting in a sniper den to show the people who he really is (and I won’t be upset if a stray bullet from Nyssa’s gun fells Daron in the process). However, they are interrupted by one of his acolytes who ruins everything! She claims that Rash Face isn’t a man, who agrees and then steps into the Olympic Cauldron and morphs into the Sun God Rao and raises the people up in hope, ripping apart the social boundaries between Rankless and Guilded, and claiming that he will make them all live forever.

I will leave you with just one final screen cap for this weeks recap, and of course, it’s going to be of Nyssa-Vex. I did warn you all on my twitter that you weren’t ready for the screen caps in this one, simply because they are ALL of Nyssa-Vex (sorry not sorry!)

Nyssa looks so good in just about anything!

So I guess that’s it for this episode recap. I really hope that the next episode, episode 8: Savage Night, contains just as much if not more of Nyssa and Lyta because if you haven’t guessed by now, these two women own my soul.

-Written by Christine

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