“Krypton” Episode 108 Recap: Project Elrond

Last Episode on Krypton:

  • Douche-Vex squealed like a pig and ratted out Jayna and Nyssa as being a part of the coup.
  • Dev-Em is turned into a Brainiac Zombie and promptly has his arm blown off by Lyta in the Outlands while on a mission to recover Jayna.
  • Nyssa-Vex turns her back on her father, aligns with Seg and reveals that she learned to fight from her ex-girlfriend who was a combat instructor.
  • Our little league of heroes tries to take down Mr. Rash Face by outing him as the monster that he is, but it backfires after he steps into the fire and is unburnt, leading the rankless to believe him more.

And that’s it for the last episode, now on to Episode 8 ‘Savage Night’.

We open this episodes action with a flashback to the first episode, two weeks prior, when Adam first confronts Seg outside of the Tavern. Could it really only have been two weeks before? It seems like hardly any time for EVERYTHING that has happened to have taken place but you know what, I’ll roll with it for now. Anyway, remember when Seg is given the sunstone with the sigil of the house of El on it and looked up and Adam was gone? Well, it turns out some ‘higher being’ beamed him up onto a spaceship with a white room where we learn that Adam stole the zeta beam and that it has the power to rip apart the fabric of time. These disembodied voices don’t like Adam and they definitely do not think that Adam is remotely qualified to save the universe. Cut back to the present day and Adam is still in Kandor and corners Kem in the market and talks about preserving the timeline and saving Superman. Kem isn’t falling for his bull any longer, but Adam isn’t after Seg anymore, he’s out for Zod. Kem, knowing that if Adam goes up against Zod, in Kem’s words, Zod will ‘kill [Kem] to death‘, agrees to try and change Seg’s mind.

Kem, after leaving Adam, finds one of Mr. Rash Face’s acolytes on the run from him after discovering who he really is. Kem, ever the loving uncle, asks for Ona and she is safe for now. but not everyone is. Mr. Rash Face is now sneaking into the Genesis Chamber each night to plug himself in and steal the life of all of the unborn Kryptonian children, siphoning off their energy and going into a trance in the process and becoming stronger with each session.

Um Sir, you know that’s not rechargeable right? Just checking.

Back now to our Council of Elrond meeting in Kem’s Tavern (not quite Rivendell but I’ll take it!) and Zod is talking a lot of science for a man who is in the Military Guild. He is talking a LOT about how the embryos are basically batteries filled with electricity and that the Genesis Chamber is the BIGGEST battery in all of Kandor. Nyssa, ever amazing, quickly refutes the idea that the embryos are batteries, asking the Million Dollar Question – ‘What happens to them? What happens to our child’  It seems Kryptonians can only reproduce through the Genesis Chamber and with Mr. Rash Face intent on using all the energy from it until the battery is dud, all the children in there now and in the future will be lost.

Douche-Vex is back in Mr. Rash Face’s Chambers, who has now decided to forgo wearing the big gold 6 faced mask now that his face is no longer green. To be honest, that mask was very Gaudy and I never liked it anyway. (Ha, get it! I do like a good pun) Anyway, Douche is being ever the suck up, telling Mr. Rash Face (I’m not changing his name for the 4th time so live with it!) that he looks ‘magnificent’ and is trying to grab onto any scrap of power thrown his way.

Our little council of outcasts is planning ‘Project Elrond’ to try and take down Mr. Rash Face yet again. Lyta, realizing that he will be weak while plugged into the Genesis Chamber, kicks off the plan that they should take him down then. Jayna adds on that to get past his Zombies and Seg adds that while he is in his trance, his neural connection to the Zombies is weakened, so it gives them the perfect opportunity to take them out. Remember Dev, the one whose arm was blasted off by Lyta in the last episode, well he has a connection to Mr. Rash Face and Lyta offers him up. Zod, ever the proponent of violence, states that he will recruit Black Zero to the cause.

You have my sword. And my Bow. And My Axe! 

Zod and Jayna sneak off around the slums to find Black Zero with Jayna stopping Zod from shooting everything in sight. Now we have a little time for some grandmother/grandson bonding time with Zod asking why Jayna is a fugitive. She reveals to him that she put Lyta above her own honor. Zod then goes on to say that they only protect those in power who are deserving to be in power, and in his own way says that he is thankful to Jayna for her choice, if she hadn’t chosen to save Lyta, then he would not exist.

Our little trio is still hiding in Kem’s suiting up, with Kem going off to find Ona and Lyta still not trusting Nyssa. Lyta decides to trash talk Nyssa who is literally right behind her and then loses when Lyta gives in and lets Nyssa come along for the ride in the space car. There is so much sexual tension within the space car that you can cut it with a knife. Nyssa suggests a date with Seg to a Guild Party once they have stopped Brainiac, but Lyta doesn’t like this at all and shoots her down, stating that they don’t even know if bindings will matter after they stop Brainiac, nevermind the Guilds. Nyssa isn’t one to give in to the fighting talk though and hits back that at the end of their coup, she expected her and Seg to be together.

I paused to make dinner and this screencap happened and I died. Now writing from the grave.

Zod and Jayna have finally found their way to Jax-Ur, aka Black Zero, and Zod offers Jayna up as collateral damage for if their ‘negotiations’ do not go the way he expects. Way to treat your Grandmother with respect and love Zod!  They hand over their weapons and head on to meet the illustrious Jax-Ur. Jax-Ur is not one to take Zod at his word and asks Jayna what it feels like to be just as hunted as she is. Jax-Ur really hates Zod (don’t we all) and she slices his face for abandoning them. But she knows nothing about Brainiac, and Zod is more than delighted to fill her in.

In the Outlands, our merry little band of heroes finds Dev after much searching. He is able to break free of Mr. Rash Face’s ministrations and is somehow alive after being in the Outlands for so long. But they aren’t alone. A creepy hooded figure watches them take Dev away and back to the Fortress for good old Grandpa Val to help out. To keep Dev alive, he has had to essentially paralyze Dev. Nyssa is finally in the place her father spent his whole life searching for and doesn’t believe that it actually exists. Cue a nice little bonding moment with Seg opening up to her saying he doesn’t believe any of it is real. Nyssa still believes in one thing though, she still believes in Seg and in ‘Project Elrond’ and that she still hopes that they can save their child, Kor-Vex.

In Jax-Ur’s lair, she agrees to help with their resistance because of Val-El. She believed him all those years before when he was warning everyone about Brainiac, and no one listened. In return for her help, Jax-Ur asks for Douche-Vex, which they readily agree to. They turn to Nyssa for confirmation of the deal, and she is more than ready to turn him over to help stop Brainiac.

Kem is still searching for Ona when Adam decides to force his man pain on us again.  All Kem wants to do is find Ona and keep her from harm, but Adam has confronted him yet again to bring Seg. Adam agrees to help find Ona, and they find her bestowing blessings on the Rankless in the Slums. BY HERSELF! I mean I know that she is from there, but she can’t be more than ten-years-old and I know for sure that no one would even let me go five minutes out of my street growing up when I was that age. Ona is not afraid when Kem tells her that her beloved Voice of Rao isn’t what she thinks he is, and thanks Kem for taking her to Mr. Rash Face. They have run out of time, and know that it’s not exactly the best thing to be seen kidnapping a child while the Sagitarii is around, Kem tells Ona that she can always come home to him. It’s time for some more Adam Man Pain after he decides it’s a good thing to tell Kem ‘at least you tried’ and we are taken back to the white room where he is begging the disembodied voices for a chance to try. None of them believe that he is up for the task and that he will just quit when the going gets tough like he always does.

I am not here for your man pain Adam, FIGURE IT OUT!

He decides to go to the higher ups seeing as he cannot get through to Seg. He goes straight to Douche-Vex and tells him he knows exactly who he serves. He offers himself as the shovel which will dig Douche-Vex out of the hole he’s found himself in. He reveals to him that he is only working for an underling and that he should be WAY more scared of Brainiac than he is of Mr. Rash Face. Mr. Rash Face hasn’t even revealed his goals to Douche-Vex and Adam is more than happy to fill him in on the details, mainly that Kandor is going to be ripped from the ground, added to his collection and forced to repeat each day for all eternity. Douche-Vex is more stupid than I thought because to him this sounds like a great plan because he would be alive, and Adam is pleased to inform him that he wants to help Brainiac succeed by telling him everything he knows about the Council of Elrond in return for Seg so that he can take him away from the city safely before its untimely collection.

Project Elrond is moving along nicely, and they have managed to wake up Dev-Em. Lyta explains that there is a chance to free him from Mr. Rash Face’s control but that it is risky. She wants his approval to go ahead with the procedure, which he grants by blinking twice for yes.

Zod is back having a drink with his Grandmother and having a nice bonding moment over Kal-El’s existence, mainly that he is the exact same as them but that he managed to get off of Krypton right before it explodes. Zod wants to stop it exploding so that he can give his people the same powers as Superman to do good in the universe (BULLSHIT if you ask me!) Jayna isn’t buying it either and asks how he managed to survive. Zod was in the Phantom Zone on Fort Rozz for attempting a coup in Kryptonopolis. Jor-El was the only person on the council that he respected, but even he didn’t see through Zod’s bull and sentenced him to Fort Rozz. (OK well Fort Rozz isn’t actually mentioned but we ALL know that the prison in the Phantom Zone is called Fort Rozz) After receiving a call from Seg that the plan is going smoothly on their end, the pair gear up and head to the Genesis Chamber with Black Zero Operatives. Jayna seems a little reluctant to follow through, as she has now taken off the rose-tinted glasses and has seen that Zod has a vendetta against the House of El and that maybe he is out to get rid of Seg after all.

Douche-Vex has decided to interrupt Mr. Rash Face’s alone time with the Genesis Chamber to tell him all about Project Elrond, but he is in too deep to listen. Jayna, Seg, and Zod have now infiltrated the Chamber and Jayna is taking out Zombie after Zombie like a BAMF.  Zod and Seg manage to get through to the main chamber, where surprise surprise, Zod doesn’t believe that Seg’s plan will work. He takes matters into his own hands and right before the Zombies blast him into oblivion, Val-El severs the connection and saves Zod’s ass before any of them get a shot in.  Seg then gets to do the one thing he’s been waiting his whole life to do, slam the end of a rifle into Douche-Vex’ face and knock him out. Zod isn’t exactly faring well either against Mr. Rash Face who tries to drop him over the side of the Genesis Chamber, but yet again gets his ass saved, this time by Jayna who gets a shot in and forces him over the side instead. It all seems too easy though, and given that this is only episode 8, it won’t be the last we see of Mr. Rash Face.

Annnnnd KERSPLAT! That’s one way to get rid of a rash.

Dev is finally fully awake and no longer has the red circle on his head. They all head back to Kandor and Nyssa pulls a blindfold off Douche-Vex’ head to reveal a busted up father. Nyssa is alone with him, and he asks if this time she will actually kill him. Nyssa pulls out an amazing power move and tells him that he hasn’t stopped being useful to her. She reveals that the reason that she is there to forgive him for everything that he has done to her, by turning her into a tool to be used to achieve his outcome without regard for her, for turning her over to Mr. Rash Face and abandoning her, and for trying to kill her in cold blood. He has turned her into a survivor like him, but Nyssa wants to live rather than survive. She places the blindfold back over his eyes and says her final goodbyes to him, breaking my heart into a million pieces with the tears rolling down her cheeks.

It’s now time for him to pay a visit to Jax-Ur led in by Zod who has a few words to say to Jax-Ur about their trade. He doesn’t believe it’s over as they don’t have the body of Mr. Rash Face, but she kindly points out no one could survive a fall like that. Jax-Ur agrees to let him have Black Zero until the body is found, but in the meantime, they need to decide who is going to take their places.

Little Ona is still in Mr. Rash Face’s quarters when he reappears int he dark and kills the Sagitarii. He has degenerated after the fall, lost his hair and has started to go green again. Unsurprisingly Ona is afraid. Adam is still in Douche-Vex’ chambers when Ona leaves after some noise. Jayna brings her fears over Zod to Seg who confirms everything that Adam was saying about Zod and that she thinks that he indents to take up a position to rule in the power vacuum. They are interrupted by Ona who has been turned into an honest to Rao bomb through the writing on her face. It’s up to Adam to run in with the Zeta-Beam to create a shield to prevent the blast from killing Kem and Seg, disappearing in the process and leaving Kem in disbelief that his little Ona is gone.

Adam isn’t gone for long though, he’s been transported elsewhere and is face to face with a blonde staring off into the distance before the episode ends.

And that’s it for Episode 8, next time its the penultimate episode of the season, “Hope”


-Written by Christine

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