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In an online world (more specifically my Twitter – or the way that I have tailored it anyway) filled with Fangirls, it can be quite easy to get lost. Every so often, you will come across a new piece of artwork, a song, a FanFiction, or even a Podcast. There is not enough shouting I could do alone on my own Twitter to promote this work enough, so I created Fangirl Den to help promote Fangirls and their work.

Geeky Girls Night In is a new podcast by Leslie Kugelman and Rebekah Rodriguez-Lynn. Episode 1 was uploaded for our aural pleasure on May 17, 2018, and holds the same ideals that I hold in promoting Fangirls, but with their own spin. I caught up with Rebekah of Geeky Girls Night In to discuss the origins of the Podcast and what the future holds for them.

C: How do you know each other?

Rebekah: Leslie and I met online! So. There is a popular blog called Once upon a time, there was a chat room where commenters could hang out and get to know one another. Lots of us formed tight friendships. Then one day the powers that be decided to change the commenting system so that anyone could comment anonymously. The blog was flooded with MRA’s and harassers posting porn, rape-related content, etc. Hundreds (probably more) of us commenters jumped ship, but we didn’t want to lose our friendships. One of the places fleeing Jezebel commenters were secret Facebook groups and Leslie and I met in one of those groups. Fun fact: Leslie and I have never met in real life! We are now members of many of the same closed/secret Facebook groups-for nerds of color, for Supernatural fans–and we Skype every week, we have yet to meet out in the meatspace.

C: What made you decide to start the podcast?

Rebekah: I’m a huge geek and there is nothing more I love than to talk about my geek stuff with friends. AND I feel there isn’t enough commentary out there that takes fandom, especially women in fandom, seriously. So I thought a podcast would be great fun and maybe I could put positive feminist commentary out there while having a great time. Being with Leslie online, I just happen to know how amazing she is. Anyone who interacts with her online just falls in love with her down to earth personality and off the wall sense of humor. So I called her and was like YOU. ARE. AWESOME. WANNA TALK TO ME EVERY WEEK ABOUT GEEK SHIT. And thankfully she said yes. She has a blog called Geeky Girls Guide to Life so I knew she liked to do commentary and I figured she was a good person to ask. And it worked out!

C: Are there any topics that we can expect to see in the near future?

Rebekah: Oh gosh, so many things are coming up. First of all, we have Quinzel Lee on board officially as a correspondent and she is also hilarious, smart, and lovable, so we are building a great team. We are going to expand on the gossip and hopefully keep finding amazing creative geeks to talk to. We want to highlight everyone out there making cool shit, whether they are cosplayers, writers, illustrators, comedians, whatever your geek thing is, we want to empower and promote fandoms where we are all accepted and where everyone gets to be an artist.

C: Can you tell me a little more about the Podcast?

Rebekah: Some of our best episodes are when we talk to inspiring, charming geek authors Christopher DJ and Bryn Donovan. Chris has a new sci-fi book out Blackwelder: 2164, with an LGBT man of color protagonist. He talks about the importance of seeing Black people in space and of LGBT people writing their own stories. We also ask him about fanfiction and his other geek interests (he’s a Ravenclaw). This appears in Episode 3. Bryn writes paranormal and supernatural romance as well as self-help books for writers. We talked about how her latest book, the Phoenix Codex connects her love of fantasy such as The Lord of the Rings and Supernatural, with her love of authentic emotional scenes. She talks about the stigma against the romance genre and how Sam Winchester inspired her latest hero. This appears in Episode 9. We talk to Earper, actor, and nb/trans activist Terran Pierola in Episode 8 about their children’s book project the ABC’s of LGBT, nb/trans inclusion at ClexaCon, and how the Wynonna Earp fandom has changed their life. And definitely don’t miss the interview with Jules Wilkinson, administrator of the Supernatural Wiki and organizer of Wayward Cocktails at San Diego Comic Con in Episode 5. We talk about how a fan-driven Wiki can be an act of radical queer inclusion, how much the Supernatural fandom has evolved in the last 13 (!) years and just how weird and wonderful fandom can be.

C: Is there anything that you want potential or existing listeners to know?

Rebekah: YES. We just launched a Patreon TODAY. Making the podcast costs money and financial support would let us know that you want us to keep at it! We are having so much fun and we feel that positive and healthy nerddom and fandom is worth doing. Right now we really want to be able to pay for transcriptions so we can reach deaf fans and make our podcast even more accessible. So please check it out! Our support levels are inspired by badass women of sci-fi and fantasy. If you like our podcast and/or think inclusive geekery is important, please consider supporting us!


To date, Geeky Girls Night In has 9 episodes covering topics from Mental Illness, Gender Issues, POC as well as many more issues. This is definitely a Podcast to keep an eye on through their links below and through subscribing on iTunes:

Podcast: Geeky Girls Night In

Leslie’s Blog: Geeky Girl’s Guide

Patreon: Geeky Girls Night In

Twitter: @GeekygirlsNI

Facebook: @GeekyGirlsNightIn


-Written by Christine


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