Wynonna Earp Fan Predictions: E303

So it’s that time of week again where it’s time to compile all the fangirl predictions for Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Colder Weather’. Before we get to that, lets recap on last weeks ‘winners’. Melissa and Meagan both predicted correctly that *SPOILER* Dolls dies. I would say congratulations, but none of us wanted Dolls to die. Side note, we wish Shamier Anderson all the very best on his next big step after leaving the show. Once an Earper, always an Earper, and we cannot wait to see what he does next!

Now on to this week’s predictions…

Theory One:

I think that Mercedes is coming back There was an Instagram post from Jann Arden with Jann, Emily Andras, Dani Kind (DFK!) and Melanie while they were still in Calgary.  –Jenny 

Theory Two:

I think that we are in for some Earp Sisters feels this week. Wynonna, in the teasers, is very despondent so I think she is going to snap at Waverly and Nicole is left to pick up the pieces – Lorna

Theory Three:

With this being the episode that we’ve heard a little about with Kat saying she went back and reimagined what she thought was Nicole’s backstory, I think we will find out a bit more about Nicole’s parents and how she is connected to the Cult of Bulshar. – Christine

Theory Four:

Jeremy is going to play a big part in this episode. With Dolls gone, he has to step up and be the voice of reason for both Doc and Wynonna to help them see sense and not go running into things without a plan – Bailey

Theory Five:

I think that Nedley knew Nicole as a kid like maybe he rescued her as a kid and she survived – Layla

 – Written by Christine

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