Wynonna Earp Fan Predictions: E304

Have you recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of the past two episodes? Who am I kidding, I surely haven’t! It’s that time again though when we focus on the Fan Predictions for Season 3, Episode 4 ‘No Cure for Crazy’. This episode will be shown live on 10 August 2018 in North America and on 17 August in the UK. (pssst…it will also be shown at EHCon Canada where I will be watching live with Earpers, Cast, and Crew). Did we have any winners last week? I guessed we would find out more about Nicole’s backstory, and boy did we ever! Bailey also guessed that Jeremy was going to play a large part in the episode, which he sure did!

Time to move on to this week’s predictions…

Theory One:

We’ve heard Nicole say ‘I Love You’ to Waverly, so I think Waverly is going to say it to Nicole in this episode – Kat

Theory Two:

In the promo, we see a new guy talking to Waverly who bears a striking resemblance to the Potato Licker. Will we get to see a certain famous potato being licked at EHCon and get to see all the Earpers lose their proverbial shit? I hope so! – Christine

Theory Three:

They keep teasing us that Waverly is an Angel, what with Kate pulling the Angel card and everyone calling her an Angel, so I think that she is an Angel or some other Angelic supernatural being. There is also a BTS video on wither Youtube or Twitter where Dom says  something like “oh I can start talking like this now” and it’s in a super high pitched voice which made me lean even further towards the possible angel/angelic being theory- Melissa

Theory Four:

In the promo, we see a tree move to stop a Revenant. Whenever I see a tree move in the show, I instantly think “Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him.”. This quote is also mentioned in the Extended Features for The Lord of the Rings as being an inspiration for Tolkien to create the Ents, so what if the trees in Wynonna Earp are a lot like the Ents and can talk as well as move. If we continue on the Macbeth line of thinking, and Waverly was born via c-section, then Waverly could actually be the one to defeat Bulshar. Bulshar being Macbeth and Waverly being MacDuff and “No man born of woman shall harm Macbeth as Waverly would technically have been ‘born’. – Lauren

Theory Five:

Mamma Earp is in the promo in the barn, so what if Dolls actually got her released from Prison and she was actually there saving Wynonna after the crash, but just let Wynonna believe that she was hallucinating. – Jen

And that’s it for this week! Make sure you tune in on Friday at 9pm to watch this episode and see if any of us are right!

-Written by Christine

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