Earpmas Fan Predictions: 306

🎶 I don’t want a lot for Earpmas

      There is just one thing I need

      I don’t care about the donuts

     Wynonna’s eating in the cop shop

     I just want you for my own

     No sister to interrupt us now

     Make the shippers dreams come true

     All I want for Earpmas is Wayhaught!🎶


Credit: @ScaryKrystal who has graciously allowed us to use her artwork for this feature.

Scrofanhohoho Merry Earpmas to you all! Please ignore the song above but listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies in August turns your mind a little loopy. I’m pretty sure everyone in my small town thinks I’m crazy (not certifiable and I do not have the paperwork to prove it!) But its that time of the week where we find out if we have been naughty or nice and see if what is on our Earpmas wish lists come’s true!

Theory One:

Wayhaught. Under. The. Mistletoe. That’s it. That’s the tweet.  – Kat

Theory Two:

WHAT IF… Julian is also Bobo’s father and that’s why he was so good in the flashback making him Waverly’s brother and that’s why he always saves her and calls her kin. – Christine

Theory Three:

We are totally going to get a new Wynonnus Interruptus where Wynonna barges into Waverly’s room to wake her up on Christmas morning like a kid and lands straight on Nicole  – Christine

Theory Four:

When Bulshar is kidnapping the kids (read the episode description for about missing kids guys!) he does so while dressed as Jack Skellington and goes around kidnapping the kids like they kidnapped Mr. Sandy Claws in The Nightmare Before Christmas – Emma

Theory Five:

The Christmas tree is going to capture Wynonna because she is part of the first families in Purgatory and it turns out to be bulshar and that’s where Waverly and gang find the rest of the children of the first families. I think Bulshar needs them to become stronger – Taylor

Theory Six:

Ok, I lied. There are no more theories. BUT, I do have a little Earp Christmas Wish List for you all for what I think all the characters would ask for their gifts:

Wynonna –  A Whisky flavored donut (And for Alice Michelle to have the best first  Christmas she could possibly have and gets spoiled rotten)

Waverly – A new blanket for her bed, and to be surrounded by all her family

Doc – Whisky. All the Whiskey. And maybe some more bullets and a new throwing knife.  But he would give all of that up to hold Alice Michelle again.

Nicole – A working lock for Waverly’s room

Jeremy – Tickets to Cosmic Con

Nedley – Tickets to a Willie Nelson Concert, or a Pokemon, he’s not fussed.

Mama Earp- Something other than an orange prison jumpsuit.

Mercedes Gardiner – A face transplant (too soon?)

Kate – To be known as something other than Big Nose Kate.

Credit: SYFY

So, have we all got lumps of coal in our stockings, or did Saint Andras provide gifts for us all?  I know I’ll have a lump of coal for that Bulshar Edit and Christmas Wish List, but whatever we get in our Earpmas Stockings tonight, we all know we are all in for a treat on this holiest of holy Holliday’s. Until next week Earpers…Keep Earpin!

-Written by Christine

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