Wynonna Earp Fan Predictions: E307

Oh hi there. It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Fangirl, and it’s time for our 307 predictions! ‘I Fall to Pieces’ promises to be another fan favourite episode of each Wynonna Earp season has provided #Wynhaught, and I cannot wait to see if any of these predictions are correct!

Theory One:

I think that Wynonna was being sidelined by Nicole, and handcuffed herself to Nicole to force her to take her with her on the errand for Nedley – Christine

Theory Two:

Mama is going to hide Bobo in the trailer park, give him a new Lady Gaga coat, and the bring him more Christmas leftovers. – Marcus

Theory Three:

Bunny Loblaw is in Nicole’s house because Nicole needs her support to become Sheriff in the election. Without Bunny, Nicole cannot be sheriff, but Wynonnus Interruptus strikes in a different format, and she tags along with Nicole for the day to make sure the town has a competent sheriff. – Amy


OK then, that’s it for this weeks Fan Prediction special extravaganza for #Wynhaught! Are any of us right? Who knows! Well Noelle Carbone  and Emily Andras (as well as a few others) do, but I certainly do not!

-Written by Christine

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