Wynonna Earp Fan Predictions: E309

Late Upload? Oh, that’s what this is! At least I wrote the article before watching the episode. Boy am I glad I did that because this week’s episode is AMAZING! Episode 9 promises to be a good one for all of you who have not seen it, what with Waverly saying ‘Yeah Boi’. That’s a thing that happened. Anyway, I think it’s time to get this prediction wagon on the road. Only three this week, two from me and one observation/prediction from someone else but let’s do this!

Theory One:

I was researching season 1 episode 10 and Willa’s fake name (chosen by Bobo) for the cult is Eve. As in Adam and Eve. I saw that Willa’s fake name was Eve, today I was rewatching season 1 episode 12 and I saw that it was Constance Clootie who erased Willa’s memory and changed her name. There is no way that this is a coincidence! –Ruby

Theory Two:

I think that Waverly is going to say that she loves Nicole in this episode, to Nicole, after last weeks mis-proposal with Waverly instantly saying yes. –Christine

Theory Three:

I want DFK in this episode. It’s been teased all season long and if she isn’t in this one, she will be in it very soon.  – Christine

And that’s it! Now, let’s wait and see what happens next week. I cannot believe we only have two more weeks of this seeing as episodes 11 and 12 are airing back to back, but let’s have some more fun while we can! As always, if you have a theory, let us know on one of our social media’s and we will feature you in next weeks article. Now, I’m away to Wonder Woman punch a zombie halfway across the room.

-Written by Christine

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