Fangirls Christmas Gift Guide 2018 pt. 1

It’s the Holiday Season and if you are like us, then you start searching for things that you want while holiday shopping. Never fear! The Fangirls are here to help you with your shopping. Over the next couple of days (and maybe even longer) we are going to bring you a variety of gifts for even the pickiest fangirl in your life!  Let’s just hope that not all of these gifts are presents that you are going to give yourself!

Doctor Who

1. Doctor Who Rainbow Thirteen Hoodie by Her Universe
2. Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver by BBC Shop
3. 13th Doctor Who Enamel Pin Badge by KillerPopStudios
4. Thirteenth Doctor without coat Funko POP Vinyl by Funko
5. A Woman’s Place Is In The TARDIS by Fangirl Shirts
6. New 13th Doctor Who The Doctor BBC Limited Signed Print by ScoundrelArt

Game of Thrones

1. That’s What I do I Drink and I Know Things by MetPDesigns
2. Small Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs by MamaOfDragonEggs
3.Game of Thrones Periodic Table of Fate by TheGeekerie
4.Mother of Dragons Silver Earrings by YoursBlissfully
5. Let It Snow T-Shirt by TShirtJunkyLTD
6.“All men must die” Daenarys Targaryan bracelet by JewelandPearl


1. Disney Villains Vinyl Clock by MrsYlia
2. Never Too Old For Fairytales by TheBlueRoseKy
3. Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse Art by MyInspirationArt
4. Mary Poppins Silhouette Art by ArwenPrints
5. Funko Pop! Evil Queen Enamel Pin by Funko and BoxLunch
6. Stitch Watercolour Art by Mekaneka

Wynonna Earp

1. Crazy Chick With A Gun Print by PuddyCatPrints
2. Peacemaker Shirt by ElsieDesignStudio
3. Earper Rainbow Stitch by NedleysOffice
4. The Earpiest Earp Of Them All Sweatshirt by patriikamikaze
5. Wynonna Earp Sign Wooden Pin by DemonsandDonuts
6. WayHaught Fan Art by RoseMakesArt

Captain Marvel

1. Nick Fury Captain Marvel Pager by InfamousCosplay
2. Captain Marvel Hoodie by OnTheVergeTees
3. Captain Marvel Enamel Pin by MidnightAliensUK
4. I Am The Captain Now T-Shirt by AbsurdWaffle
5. Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Lego Minifig by HolidayJoyStore
6. Captain Marvel Art Print by NeilsMoviePrints

Killing Eve

1. Sandra Oh T-Shirt by BroadStrokesDesign
2. Villanelle Enamel Pin by KissMeDeadlyLove
3. Villenelle Parfum No12 T-Shirt by oldskoolhooligans
4. Villanelle Minimal Poster by flatlaydesign
5. Sorry Baby T- Shirt by StudioKintoUn
6. I Really Liked You Art Print by Carlie McCoy

Part two is coming up tomorrow, and it is for the pickiest of picky fangirls (or fanboys) in your life, THE KIDS!

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