Fangirls Christmas Gift Guide 2018 pt. 2 KIDS!

Welcome back for your next instalment of our Christmas Gift Guide! This time we have a line up for the little fangirls (or fanboys) in your life. Sit back and relax, we have your gift needs covered!

Harry Potter

1. Harry Potter Kids Apron by AacraftsByAmanda
2. The Books Were Better T-shirt by TeeNook
3. Harry Potter Baby Booties by Ammety
4. Filthy Muggle Onesie by LilPenguinCo
5. Harry Potter ABCs by Jeffrah
6. Snuggle This Muggle Baby Clothes by HarryPotterPresents

Disney Girls

1. Winnie The Pooh Toddler Top by BoxLunch
2. Hercules Pegasus Toddler Blouse by BoxLunch
3. The Jungle Book by CupfulofTrinkets
4. Kim Possible Toddler Tee by BoxLunch
5. Marie Toddler Hoodie by BoxLunch
6. Zero Toddler Crewneck Sweatshirt by BoxLunch

Disney Boys

1. Fantasia Toddler Hoodie by BoxLunch
2. Stitch Holiday Toddler Sweater by BoxLunch
3. Maui Toddler Snapback Hat by BoxLunch
4. Baby Herc & Pegasus Button-Up by BoxLunch
5. Jack Skellington Button-Up by BoxLunch
6. Toy Story Pizza Planet Pocket Toddler T-Shirt by BoxLunch

DC Female Superheroes

1. Wonder Woman Sweater by micielomicielo
2. Quilted Christmas Stocking by QuiltedTreasuresByMe
3. Supergirl Crochet Doll by KSunnyHandicraft
4. Wonder Woman Newborn Outfit by HatCharacters
5. ‘Not All Girls Are Princesses’ Print by millsymakes
6. Superhero Girls Vinyl Clock by BellaCasaArt

DC Male Superheroes

1. Batman Onesie by MyBubaloo
2. The Flash Toddler Sneakers by BoxLunch
3. ‘Jingle Bells Batman Smells’ by TheCutestCottons
4. Fortress of Solitude Onesie by TwinkleJellyDesigns
5. Aquaman T-Shirt by InspiredApparelTees
6. The Flash Newborn Set by BabyMoos

Marvel Female Superheroes

1. Black Widow T-Shirt by WellingtonDesignCo
2. Captain Marvel T-Shirt by 36andRichfieldCo
3. Spider-Gwen Baby Grow by CalebAlexis
4. M for Mystique Wall Art by TofufuStudio
5. Gamora Lego Figurine by PrintandWebStudio
6. Ms Marvel T-Shirt by CalebAlexis

Marvel Male Superheroes

1. Black Panther T-Shirt by babakarts
2. SHIELD Baby Grow by TwoPunksPrinting
3. Baby T’Challa Print by DinkyMix
4. Stark Industries T-Shirt by InspiredApparelTees
5. Thanos T-Shirt by MIAClothingDesigns
6. Avengers T-Shirt by MainStreetMerch

Did this cover the pickiest of picky fangirls like we promised? We hope so! Join us again soon for part three where we will cover even more fandoms.

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