Fangirls Christmas Gift Guide 2018 pt. 3

We are back! We have lots to show you, as always, for all your fangirl gift-giving needs. Shall we jump right into some of the things we have been fangirling over this year?


1. Catra T-shirt by Dearalanaaaa
2. Catra and Adora Fight iPhone Case by lavenderarts
3. Horde Force Captain Pin by UnsupervisedCreation
4. Entrapta’s Research Notebook by SeaworthyPirate
5. For the Honor of Greyskull T-Shirt by UnicornEmpirePrints
6.  She-Ra Print by AlphaFactorComics

 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

1. Sabrina Christmas Witch Pouch by Srarbuck
2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina T-shirt by Quotellers
3. Madam Satan Sticker by aluap106
4. W.I.C.C.A. Enamel Pin by thegooseandrabbit
5. Zelda Spellman Quote Sticker by aluap106
6. Sabrina and Salem Sweater by MorningShopy

Orphan Black

1.  Galaxy of Women Sticker by georgiarts
2. Clone Club Ring by AppalachianHammer
3. Orphan Black Minimalist Poster by TheFilmArtist
4. Jesse’s Towing Hat by DesignedByMonkeys
5. Sestra Sweater by 680andCo
6. Cophine JD Style T-shirt by Ebrostore


1. Carmilla Moon Cycle T-shirt by AnnieKress
2. Girl The Hell Up Print by  CamiliaSa
3. Carmilla ‘The Vamp’ Valentine Smith T-shirt by ButchandSissy
4. Ship It Hollstein Fangs Enamel Pin by DemonsandDonuts
5. Revenge is Mine T-shirt by sammyger
6. Creampuff Enamel Pin and Sticker by  KiraBeaudoin

Harry Potter

1. The Grim Teacup and Saucer by lulubellemakes
2. Felix Felicis Hip Flask by LaserMadeGlobal
3. Harry Potter Christmas T-shirt by LexisLoft
4. Hogwarts Express Retro Travel Poster by DanielleSylvan
5. Harry Potter Silver Ring by  EmilyJosephJewellery
6. Espresso Patronum Teaspoon by HoarderAndMaker

The Lord of the Rings

1. The Mis-Tea Mountains Tea Bag Tidy by madebymegane
2.Lord of the Cats: Furlowship of the Ring  T-shirt by MagicWearDesigns
3 ‘I Can Carry You’ Enamel Pin by ImBookishandBakewell
4. Not All Who Wander Are Lost Bracelet by BobbieJoDesigns
5. Lothlórien Leaf Pin by HannahHitchman
6. Lothlórien Candle by ReadingRoomCandleCo


Does this satisfy all your fangirl needs? No? Well, that’s because we haven’t covered superheroes yet! Join us for our final part of our gift guide later this week for everything superhero related.


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