December Fanfiction Round-Up: Festive Fic Edition

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to you all! Or Happy Kwanza, or Hannuka, or any other festive holiday you choose to celebrate. Are you in the festive mood like I’ve been in since November 1st? If you are or are not, I have a selection of Festive Fanfiction for you all! Buckle up (Creampuffs and non-creampuffs alike!) and let us all sit down with a nice glass of hot cocoa and read some Fanfiction!

Would it really be the holiday fanfiction roundup if I didn’t include Supercorp? Nope! I have a good one for you coming right up!

 Artwork by lisamar1exo

A fiancée for Christmas by  is a lovely little gift of a fic I stumbled upon last year around Christmas when it was still being written. It contains everything you would ever want from a fic:

Alex is, as always, being hounded by Eliza about Kara’s life. In particular, her personal life. Alex blurts out a lie on a whim, pretending that Kara is engaged, and begs Kara to go along with the lie. Kara mentions the situation to her very platonic friend Lena Luthor, who offers to step in. Hijinks ensue.

With almost 37.5k hits, I’m sure that it’s not only one of my favourites, but it is also one of yours as well! It has been completed since 9th January 2018, and is around the 45k word mark, so it should be nice reading while roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

I’m changing it up for the next one, and I have an Avalance fic for you all.

Christmas time by is a one-shot that has been uploaded since the summer of 2018. You can read the synopsis below:

Ava and Sara choosing their first ever Christmas tree and hosting a Christmas party for their dysfunctional family.

This is a nice shortish fic with less than 4000 words so you can read it in time to join in on any gingerbread house making happening in your house.

Next up is a new fandom for this site.

Like most people who have seen it, I was completely captured by the Netflix Series ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ based on the book by Shirley Jackson, and in my searches through the interwebz, I have found a Christmas fic with the Crain’s for you all.

the days were bright red by  was uploaded on December first and features 7584 words contained within its one chapter as part of the everyone needs a place series.

None of the Crains have ever been big fans of the holiday season, so it only makes sense that none of them have plans for Christmas. Even so, Shirley invites them all back for a Christmas dinner, maybe because she felt like taking pity on her luckless siblings for once or because they’ve lost so much now that she thought it was only right to bring them together again.

Like most people I know, I will do anything to have more Theo Crain in my life, so this fic is now a new Christmas time staple for me to read before having a snowball fight with my sister, or we would if it would ever snow here!

Now for the last one for my roundup and I couldn’t leave this one out.

Artwork by tantoun A and is available to buy on Redbubble here.

elevator buttons and morning air by  is absolutely deliciously fluffy. Originally supposed to be a one-shot, and then turned into a three chapter fic due to fans wanting more, this fic is one of my favourite Supercorp fics of all time!

When Kara makes a stop by her office at L-Corp on Christmas Eve to pick up some extra work, she finds herself face to face with her elusive boss, Lena Luthor, when she steps into the elevator. The only two people at the office, Kara’s excited to get home and enjoy the holidays with her family, where as Lena has nowhere to be, and no one to spend it with.
But when the power cuts out, they find themselves trapped inside the elevator, and a normally disastrous event turns into a stroke of luck for both of them as they’re forced to lean on each other for company while they wait for help to come and rescue them.
Learning more about each other, it turns into a night that they won’t be quick to forget about.

I instantly fell in love with this fic and I immediately started messaging my friends who are also Supercorp fans to let them know that the amazing lostariels had uploaded a new fic and that it was a Christmas fic. You have all probably realised by now, but I love any fic that lostariels posts and I will always add them into any round up if I can. You can find me lying underneath my Christmas tree singing lostariels praises after a bit too much mulled wine.

And that is it! That is all the fanfictions I wanted to share for this edition. I’ll be back in the new year to share more with you all. Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!

-Written by Christine

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