A Love Letter from the fans for Wynonna Earp

Happy Valentines Day to you all. We wanted to show our love for one of our favourite shows this Valentines Day and what better way than to involve the fans in what we are dubbing our first ‘Fan Love Letter’ for Wynonna Earp. We’ve heard from so many of you in the past few weeks when we asked for submissions on Twitter to answer the following question: What does Wynonna Earp mean to you?’ We’ve gathered a selection of them here. But first, what is Valentines Day without a poem?

Comic Books are read,

Delicate and Dainty in Blue,

We Love Wynonna Earp in so many ways,

Here are just a few!

We cannot promise that there will not be tears throughout. I got so emotional just reading the responses as a fan so I can only imagine how the cast and crew will react.

  Wynonna Earp for me means Hope, family, love and respect. I have never seen a show in my entire life that has affected me personally like this one. Even though Wynonna is just a comic fiction character it did touch me deep inside. Her life is so close but not totally to what I had except for being an heir and demon killer.  I’m not also a mom yet.  all my life I lived away from my own parents and family. The only woman who I really knew and call a family was my grandma who passed away mid of 2018. My own parents refused to have me as their child. So basically I felt unwanted and unworthy of their love. While I was growing up, I kept on reaching out to them. They did let me reach out, but they gave me a high expectation to shoulder on. Every time I failed them with my life decision or choices, I can see resentment in their eyes. I never felt like I belong to them at all. For them, I’m a total mess of a person. Before, when my grandma was still alive, she kept on encouraging me to never felt sad and alone because she is there for me, but I lost her and everything felt empty. My grandma and I used to watch Wynonna Earp. It was me who first discovered it on Netflix. I’m not really sure what I saw in that series to keep on watching, but my grandma explained to me that the reason why I am so attached to the show is that I see myself in Wynonna’s shoes. She lives a messy life where she tries to make the world accept who she is, trying to fit in a world where people see her only as a disaster. My grandma also told me that I have to be like Wynonna, strong, independent woman who doesn’t give a damn shit on what or how the world sees her. That’s why I am so hooked up on it. That show is what made me feel hope, love, and respected. While this fandom made me feel like I found a new family with them, even I don’t really know them personally. I asked my grandma before if getting hooked with a tv series is a bad habit or idea or crazy thing to do? She said No. It’s natural that we get our inspiration from everything surrounds us. That I should not feel scared in it because at her age of 84 she is still a fan of her old tv show stories and people. It’s funny how my grandma become a fan of Melanie Scrofano in that show. She said to me that Mel played the role naturally, except for the fact that the whole tv show storyline is written amazingly. Mel has captured the viewer’s attention because of her ability to play the character so naturally. That’s what a true superstar is. So we both watched the series together until her last breath. Even she is at bed rest in the hospital for 1 month she keeps on watching the Wynonna Earp season 1 and 2 that sometimes we got scolded by her nurse.  My grandma was the coolest person on earth for me. Losing her made me felt empty, but Wynonna Earp filled in that spot. So whenever I am down, alone, sad, unwanted, unworthy by my own family, I rewatch the whole series to cheer me up. It’s really is a story of hope in the world. I almost wanted to end it because of so much depression before and much more after my grandma died. I even learned self-defence just by watching the show, and survival tips in case of an emergency. Wherever my grandma is now, I know she is guiding me at all time. Wynonna Earp is what keeps me remembering her so much in a good way. If I get lucky and be able to see Melanie in real life, my grandma would probably be jealous of it.  It was both our dream to meet her in person, but since she’s in the safest place in heaven, it will only be just me who can still get a chance of meeting her in person and tell how she gave my life hope and not give up with it when I almost end it. That’s my story and I’m proud of it. Because I survive that so deep and darkening depression that almost killed me literally. I ended up in a hospital for weeks, but now I’m still alive and lucky I survived. I know that I’m not alone because of Wynonna Earp. I’m lucky that I found it at the right time.

Wynonna Earp, for me, means so much. I was at a place in my life where I was so confused with my sexuality. I had known for 19 years that I was attracted to men, but I had been having dreams about women and starting to realize I was finding women attractive. That’s when I looked to the tv for my answers, and I found Wynonna Earp. I found myself captivated by Waverly and Nicole and their relationship. They helped me discover myself and accept that I am bisexual. I had felt this way since my freshman year of high school, but it took years for me to listen to what was going on inside my head and find out who I was exactly. Wynonna Earp majorly impacted my realization and acceptance of who I was, and I can’t thank Emily, Melanie, Dominique, and Kat and the rest of the cast and crew for creating such a brilliant show and fandom that is so incredibly inclusive and kind.

Sadie Goralski


What Wynonna Earp means to me: It’s comedic entertainment that also provides a story with twists and turns enough to hold my interest. Much more than that, the characters validate lived experience. It’s such a relief to feel like someone somewhere knows what it’s like to be a child who told the truth about something horrific & no-one believed them, but instead hated them for it. Then, it turns out, there’s a whole fandom of people who have various aspects of shared experience. The open-hearted unconditional love and forgiveness that the characters express for each other in the show is mirrored in the open-hearted love the fans demonstrate to each other online (my experience) and in person (from what I see online). Added to that, the cast, crew & writers engage with the fans in a similar spirit. It’s expected that fans will feel a bond with the actors, but the grace with which the actors and showrunner engage with fans is amazing. Showrunner Emily Andras sets good boundaries & stays realistic while encouraging & enabling the community of…I can’t find another word besides LOVE.

Lyanna Spearwife

What does Wynonna Earp mean to me?

There are shows of many different genres on TV right now that are great. They tend to make you laugh,  make you cry, and challenge you to think. That’s what they are. Great. But, for Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, I have no words to describe that little “shit show”. It’s a feeling. A feeling of acceptance, family, love and kindness. It’s that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see the family members of friends you dearly miss. Every week that’s how it feels to watch the show and be a part of this fandom. It feels like home. It’s truly hard to imagine what my life was like before Wynonna Earp and the Earpers that entered my life. This world has been sucky lately and the fandom, the cast, crew, writers, creators, make it a little less agonizing to live in.


Wynonna Earp has helped come to terms with who I am, I am a young gay woman, and it’s thanks to Wynonna Earp and the Earper community that I am NOW able to say it without feeling insecure.” The series showed me that it’s ok to be flawed, that you can have your personal demons and baggage and be a successful, badass woman, that nobody is perfect and that’s ok. I am forever grateful to Emily Andras and the entire cast and crew of Wynonna Earp for making a show that it’s not only fun but also very deep and emotional.


As someone who suffers from depression & anxiety, Wynonna Earp has shown me that it’s okay to be me; the heroine of the show is beautifully portrayed by Melanie Scrofano and her character is the opposite of a hero, yet in every way, she IS a hero. She makes mistakes but dusts herself off & tries again, she has a fierce love for her chosen family & isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. The relationship between Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught is so special because it shows me how a healthy, positive, LGBTQ relationship should be. I’m in my mid-30s & I’m finally accepting my true self. I am gay and there’s nothing wrong with that, despite what I may have learnt growing up. It’s a part of who I am. And I love that through this show, I am slowly able to express myself. The season 3 episode, Jolene, also resonated so deeply. I am here & I stay.


So now that you’ve heard from some of the fans, I guess I should probably add in here what Wynonna Earp means to me. For me, Wynonna Earp means to love and accept. It means kindness towards everyone. It means trying to make the world a better place for you and everyone in it. This can be small, simply by smiling at a stranger or paying for a cup of coffee for someone, by being kinder to yourself and buying that damn donut when you’ve had a bad day and need a pick me up, or by following Dominique’s example with ‘Start The Wave’ and be kinder to the planet as a whole. It means being a badass. Finding hope in hopelessness. Finding the ability to keep going on even when things are tough. It means finding your own family and loving them fiercely. It means relying on them in the good times and in the bad and allowing yourself to be relied upon in turn. It involves being a good human being (or a good revenant if you are one).

Wynonna Earp found me at FanExpo 2016 when I was waiting for another panel. Someone in line asked if I’d seen it yet, which it hadn’t. I added it to my watch list and the second it was added to Netflix, I devoured it in less than a day. Since then, I’ve met my own found family who have helped me through the toughest of times, and I hope they feel like I’ve helped them in return. Wynonna Earp has even brought me closer to one of my sisters. We binge-watched several episodes when I returned home during S3 and she was caught up in enough time to watch the S3 finale double episode live with me. There’s no one word that I can use to describe Wynonna Earp, I don’t think even the entire dictionary is enough. All I know is that I adore this show. I love its complex characters. I love its amazing cast and crew. Everyone emanates goodness and makes me want to be a better human, and it all comes from the top down from Emily Andras down into its fans who arrange charity fundraisers, meetups, create fan art and do giveaways.  If the whole world could be a little bit more of an Earper, then I think we would be living in a pretty awesome world!

– Christine

This is just the words of some of the Earpers out of what I can only imagine is millions. We all love this show and everyone involved in it, including other fans. I hope this article has helped to show you all just in some of the ways in which we love it.

– Written by Christine

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