April Fanfiction Round-Up

Hello, fellow fanfic readers and lovers! It’s been a while, 30 days to be precise, so you know what that means…another monthly fanfic round-up! I am now having to create a spreadsheet of all the fics that we have covered just to make sure I don’t do repeats, but I do it out of love for you all to ensure you can read as much fic as you can! To date, before I start inserting these new fics for you all, we have covered 31 fics to date so let’s get you some new ones to read, shall we?

Artwork by Diana Benitez and can be bought here!

Put Your Faith in Love by  is a fic that I added to my fanfic tab a while back to keep a track of way before I had even set up an AO3. It has been complete for 18 months now so it’s the perfect time to re-read!

Nicole Haught lies dying in a hospital bed, suffering from the effects of a mysterious poison. Meanwhile, the rest of the team races the clock to save her life.
Let’s call this canon-adjacent. Takes place during season 2 and uses some plot lines but disregards others.

This fic has amassed a huge 18k+ hits with almost 250 comments for its 20 chapters. This is a fic that you really do not want to miss out on!

Artwork by @foleypdx and this piece is VERY distracting. I know first hand, it’s on my wall alongside more of Foley’s work that I got at ClexaCon this year!

my youth is yours by  is next on my list this month. It’s been a while since we had an update, but the wait was worth it and it came near the beginning of this month, right before I flew out to Vegas to be exact!

“I hope we can be friends,” she says and Lena’s throat feels thick at the sound of it. “I care about you, you know.”
Heat spikes in the back of Lena’s eyes. “Friends,” she repeats. “Of course. Why couldn’t we be?” 
The answer is obvious. They were never really friends, even when they technically were. Lena has zero idea how Kara plans to manage it now with all their history between them.
 A sort of retelling of S2 under the premise that Lena and Kara went to college together and dated.

I don’t think at this stage I can call this a fan favourite. It doesn’t seem to carry the right message for having almost 200k hits! Maybe a cult hit? That seems more fitting. Anyway, I learned about this one on Twitter a long time ago and I spent many a morning in bed during the weekend reading all 365,561 words of it. Trust me, every single word is spectacular and jumps between various points in this iteration of Supercorps timeline. I cannot wait for chapter 20, no matter how long it takes!

Artwork by Untouchable.

Ok so I decided to switch it up a bit and go for one that I literally just stumbled across from a TV show I used to watch. True Love got you into this Mess. It better get you out. by   is a Once Upon a Time fic based around the ship Swan Queen. I mean who else felt that tension from episode one? I know for SURE I am not alone.

Regina never expected to be here. Hell she never expected to be apart of this asinine plan, but here she was, and she was the scapegoat. How? She’d no clue, but Emma claimed True Love and now they were both in this mess.
Or the one in which Emma completely lies about her happiness and brings Regina into her hair-brained lie and claims Regina is her soon to be wife and that she’s pregnant with their True Love baby. Regina is surely not about to go through this without being as difficult as she could possibly be.

Yes, this one had been instantly downloaded. I miss my Swan Queen fix, and I am sure to get it with all 500k+ in this fic! It is still ongoing and currently has 30 chapters. That is a huge amount to read per chapter! (If you haven’t guessed by now, I ADORE long fics! sure short ones are great for an instant fix that you are craving, but nothing beats a good slow burn with lots of cliffhangers!)

Artwork by j-likes-to-draw

Lastly, for this month, we are introducing another new fandom and a different medium of story telling. Dangerous and Moving by  is an Assassins Creed: Odyssey fic (a video game, really Christine? YUP! I love this game with all my heart!)

The truth brings nothing but pain and Kassandra is experiencing this firsthand. Deciding to be honest with Kyra about Thaletas, now her life is unfolding at the seams and spiraling out of her control. This will be a journey of hurt, pain, and eventual reconnection as Kassandra and Kyra try to figure out life with and without each other.
This takes place after the truth option at the end of the storyline.

Did I mention I liked long fics? Because I do! And this one boasts over 100k words over its 23 of a slated 25 chapters. It doesn’t have as many hits as the comments would lead you to believe, as it has over 200, but I’m sure this will become one of your favourites very soon!

So another four fics down, that takes our tally now to 35! What a ride its been! Ready for more fic? Well, you will need to wait until next month! Remember if you have a submission, let us know and we could just feature it in one of our round-ups!

UPDATE CORNER: Yes, I’m putting this little one in here for you all. We have previously covered stay the night by , well we got TWO chapter updates this month. If you have been waiting for a new chapter (like me and so many others) but didn’t have it set up on your subscriptions, you may want to check it out!

-Written by Christine

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