Dear Lena Luthor…

I know that you are hurting right now, but please know that it wasn’t done to hurt you. Kara never meant to hurt you. She tried to tell you, if only you had turned around in Kaznia.

She saw that in the end, it was hurting you more to not know that she, Kara Danvers, was Supergirl. She tried so hard to keep you and everyone she loves safe. Everyone hit the message home from the second that she landed on earth that she was to never tell anyone about how special she truly was for fear of what would happen to not only her but what those looking to exploit her would do to those around her. If the world knew who Supergirl was, the people she loved would not be safe. You would not be safe.

In the beginning, Kara had to make sure that you were trustworthy, not because of your last name, but because if she trusted the wrong person then everything would be over. She has only told two people before, and that alone to Kara was terrifying, Then it became a danger for even her own sister to know, and she lost her.

Kara loves and values you so much. Why else would there be a photograph of the two of you in her journal and photos from Lex’ stalking spree all over that concrete cell in Kaznia? Why else would Red Daughter, a piece of Kara herself, seek you out?

I know it hurts right now because Kara was your first real friend and that you allowed yourself to be loved by her and her family. I know that you will now be looking back over each and every single one of your interactions to try and figure out how you, Dr. Lena Kieran Luthor who graduated from MIT at the age of 19, missed it.

I know that it feels like a betrayal and you are angry right now, but it was not your fault. Kara was just afraid. Afraid that telling you would mean that she loses her best friend. Afraid that it meant that she would never see you again. Afraid, not because you are a Luthor, but simply because she is other and she knows that knowing a Supers secret identity means that you will never be safe again, and you are already in enough danger as it is with Lex’ Legacy of death and destruction

I know that you feel like your found family failed you but trust me when I say that they have not. Alex had her mind wiped about who her sister truly is in order to protect Kara. Brainy, Nia, and J’onn had their own secret identities to tell and protect, and honestly, it is not their story to tell, it is Karas.

I know that it feels like Lex just ripped your heart out, but it is still there. To hurt is to live. To feel these emotions shows that you love Kara. To feel angry is part of the grieving process. I know that Kara didn’t die, but in some way, she did for you. The Kara you thought she was did, but that Kara is still there. She is still there in her pastel cardigans and glasses, just she sometimes comes to your rescue when you needed it the most.

The reconciliation of the two personas will be hard for you, the two intermingling now with your memories of the pair now feeling tainted. I know that it may take some time for Kara to come out to you as Supergirl but that is OK. She has been hiding part of herself from the world for so long that it is a huge adjustment for her as well for someone else to know her true story.

Was it Karas’ job to tell you immediately when she first met you? No. Did Kara enjoy the fact that you were her only friend who did not know her secret and treated her like a regular person doing regular human things? Most likely. But what you are feeling right now is valid, and I hope you know that it is OK to break down about it;. Just know that Kara, and Alex, and the rest of your super family are there waiting for you with open arms when you are ready. Most importantly, never forget all of the good that you have done, and think of all the good you will continue to do. Do not let this put you in a spiral, and do not let it turn you into a bitter person like Lex. You are good, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

From a fan that loves Lena unconditionally and doesn’t want the writing team to take the lazy way out and make Lena Kieran Luthor evil as it is clear that #LenaIsAGood!

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  1. I really really really hope that they don’t drag on her anger all season. I think if Kara has a chance to explain herself, she may understand but I doubt the show will let us have that anytime soon.

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