The Fangirls Top 10 Moments of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

I dare you to try and sum up Legends of Tomorrow to your friends? Finding it tough? Well here is our Top Ten moments from Season 4 which will probably just confuse them even more!

10. Homicidal Unicorns

 Can I have it as a pet? She can slay all my enemies! The glitter would come in handy for cons too…

What is the one thing that you always want in a fantasy show? UNICORNS! Want to know what is even better? A unicorn who eats humans hearts and covers everyone in glitter goo from its horn at Woodstock! This pivotal character does one very important thing, which comes in again in a later episode, showing that everything in this show is done for more than just how hilarious it is.

9. Magic Creature Theme Park

I wonder if the Magic Carpet is REALLY magic…

The one thing I love is theme parks! Let me at those rollercoasters! I also enjoy a good zoo, as long as the animals are treated correctly and humanely. Why not combine the two and instead of lions and tigers and bears (OH MY!), have a plethora of magical creatures. including a dragon! Is Hey World real? Because I sure would like to visit it and ride the Unicorn Express!

8. The Tango Avalance!

We dance to seduce ourselves. To fall in love with ourselves. When we dance with another, we manifest the very thing we love about ourselves so that they may see it and love us too. ― Kamand Kojouri

The circumstances surrounding this tango caused me heartbreak, but can I just say that seeing two women performing one of the most passionate ballroom dances together on a network TV show is super empowering! For years I have been wanting to see same-sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing, but we have been thwarted each year! Can someone please sign Sara and Ava up for next season? IT IS WHAT WE DESERVE!

7. Avalance in Ikea from Hell

But the BRYGGJA will go so much better with our colour scheme than the VISTHUS…

After some Ava-less episodes, we were treated to an episode full of Avalance as they worked out their relationship. With each person delving into their fears over the relationship, the ‘C’ word was mentioned, and no I do not mean THAT c-word! I mean CLONE. Watching this duo work out their issues while shopping at IKEA, what I can only imagine is every couples’ worst nightmare, gives me hope for these two moving forward. Do I want wedding bells in season 5? No. I don’t think they are there yet, or if they even want to be, but Sara being a more permanent fixture in the apartment in DC and Ava being a stronger presence on the Waverider would not meet any arguments from me!

6. Bollywood Number

No witty comment. Nothing to see here. Just Zari being her best self.

What isn’t improved with a Bollywood number? Even The Big Bang Theory did one! Having a Love God introduced to show Zari that she needn’t be so closed off and that she can give into love was something truly needed. Did I want this to be with Charlie rather than Nate? Yes! But I will not take away from what an amazing piece this was. Seeing pretty much every character involved, either in singing or dancing – or even both- was something fun to lighten the mood in what could otherwise have been a very dark episode.

5. Evil Gary

Gary is also available to host your next Eurovision Song Contest. Accepting bookings now.

I want to get one thing off my chest first. MONICA!!!!

There! If you are in the Death by Avalance post episode hangout on Crowdcast, then you know that one of the regulars, Monica, posted a flyaway comment at the beginning of the season saying ‘But what if Gary is evil?’ Ever since then, it has popped up from time to time, with most of us being wholly against it. Lo and behold! Gary did indeed turn out to be evil, and it was all Monica’s fault! The writers ( Caity and Jes too) must be lurking in the background of the hangout because it was too good to be a coincidence. Anyway, you can all blame Monica for Gary being evil. (Not really because you know we all loved it!)

4. Tabitha aka The Evil Scottish Fairy Godmother

Bibbity Bobbity – NOT NOW GARY!

You can usually find me ranting and raving on social media about the fact that whenever a Scottish person is on a TV show, it is usually because they are playing a villain. Just watch Merlin. Whenever you hear a Scottish accent, its because they are playing the baddie of the week. In Once Upon a Time Robert Carlyle plays Rumplestiltskin, a character who is generally seen as a villain in the series. However, in this instance, I actually loved that the villain was played by an actor using a Scottish accent, maybe because it was a female playing the villain but it worked really well!

3. Avalance at Camp

I didn’t get the American camp experience either Ava. Can we go together next year?

Episode 4 of this season saw the crew of the Waverider go to summer camp, with Ava included! It was a bittersweet episode, with Ava having an emotional backlash over never experiencing a proper childhood, what with her being a CLONE and all. She still got to experience camp as a teenager though, after a de-ageing potion turned them into their younger selves. The pair even got to share a camp kiss, giving Ava a camp story she could share and a tiny piece of the childhood she missed.

2. Sirens of Spacetime

Good Morning Sirens.

So this entire episode was sheer brilliance! After being omitted from the Arrowverse Crossover, Elseworlds, the show crossed over with itself! There were multiple timelines, all caused of course by Constantine who messed up the timeline, including one where Sara, Ava, and Gideon were an iteration of Charlies Angels called  Sirens of Space-Time. There was even Zari as a cat, Sara, Nate and Ray as puppets and Mick and Tabitha as partners in crime! Seriously, would your show ever make fun of other shows in its own universe!

Last and certainly not least…



I didn’t even have to post a picture for you to know EXACTLY what I am talking about, but just in case, let’s have a little video recap as well:

The only other show I have seen do a similar thing is Wynonna Earp when Waverly performed dances for Nicole, TWICE IN TWO SEPARATE SEASONS! This is on a whole other level though! Some movies would show the female coming into their male partners’ office with only a trench coat over their lingerie and heels to seduce them. LoT said ‘Screw that! Why do men get all the fun?’ and had the scene performed with Sara and Ava for Ava’s birthday instead. I may have lost consciousness during this scene. The Death by Avalance chat that night spoke of nothing but this scene, and we still keep coming back to it months later!

So that is it for this season. Like I said last year, it is so hard to choose just ten moments from this show for this list. I know I probably missed a lot of moments you all loved, but these are the things my brain keeps going back to now after the show has finished for the season. We, unfortunately, have to wait until the back half of the scheduling for more LoT, when they take up the spot Arrow is currently occupying, but I cannot wait to see what they do next year!

-Written by Christine

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