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SDCC 2019 Friday Round-Up

Hi there. It’s Christine again bringing you your round up of all the action from SDCC day 2 (well of our coverage anyway). We have a LOT for you today, so much that I had to call in a favour from the woodworks to cover our earliest panel because yes, I do have a regular day job to be able to pay to bring all of this to you.

I have ten panels for you today. It was supposed to be 15, but I had to sacrifice a few because of how early they were (see above re day job) and another few were smaller and had virtually no coverage that I could see on Twitter. Shall we begin?

DreamWorks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Room 6BCF, 10:15am

via DreamWorks
We learned a LOT from this panel before the new season airs on Netflix on August 3rd. The new season will pick up right where we left off with Adora and Catra being thrown into new situations right away. Catra is in disgrace with The Horde and Adora is dealing with Shadow Weaver being there. War is definitely on its way as our favourite characters are heading into the Crimson Waste.

A few clips were shown before the season trailer showing Adora trying to sneak out to see Shadow Weaver and is caught by Bow and Glimmer each time and with Light Hope giving Adora more information about where she came from. Spoiler! Adora is actually a First One and came through a portal to Etheria. The trailer also shows Catra with a new jacket and a new whip to top it all off and we received a tease of Geena Davis as the character of Huntara. Do we also have another She-Ra? Check out the trailer below!

Veronica Mars, Ballroom 20, 11:30am

via Hulu

Following the premiere of the first episode, we received a very nice surprise.  Not only did the show have its own emoji in the hashtag, but it was announced at the end of the panel that Hulu had released all eight episodes of the show a week early, starting straight after the panel! But what did we learn from the panel?

Well, it has new credits and not even 15 minutes in, there was a steamy scene shown in a room half full of kids awaiting the next panel. Womp Womp! We learn that the newest member, Kirby Howell-Baptiste will make an impact from the get-go and that there is a declined proposal with some characters being in love and being surrounded by family. I don’t want to give a lot away, so I’m playing it close to the chest for this one but there are a few quotes I’ll share from Kristen Bell, one is where she is speaking about the sacrifices she had to make in terms of an increased workload for six months to make the show and her desire to give her girls ‘The Superhero without the cape.’ She also shared with the crowd ‘I’ll play Veronica until everyone in Neptune is dead.’

Fear the Walking Dead, Hall H, 12pm

via AMC

Again in this panel, we received some big news, but don’t we always at SDCC. Biggest news first I guess, FTWD has been renewed for a sixth season and that there is another Walking Dead series in the works which will feature a group of kids born after the zombie apocalypse.

We learned that there are three new cast members for the new season with Colby Minifie, Peter Jacobson, and Colby Hollman joining the cast. The Midseason finale is this Sunday and 5B airs August 11th.

The Walking Dead, Hall H, 1pm

via AMC

A lot more news came out of this panel than the one before, which is a given seeing as it has been running longer. Next Thursday, AMC kicks off 10 weeks of season 10 reveals leading up to its premiere on October 6th. Season 10 is slated fo focus even more on the stories surrounding the Whisperers and we will see what it is like to be in the Whisperer War, following on from the story in the comics.

We received a fair bit of casting news also in that we have two new cast members in Thora Birch and Kevin Carol who will play a whisperer called Gamma and Virgil respectively. Some casting news which people were upset about is the news that Danai Gurira is leaving the show after season 10. After an emotional announcement stating she is going to pursue other opportunities, she received a standing ovation.

Following on from the series, it was announced that the Movies would be released in cinemas.

The Witcher, Hall H, 2:15pm

via Netflix

This panel was hotly anticipated and we received a trailer as well as a few clips being shown in the panel itself. We learned that the series is adapted from the books rather than the game and is an addition to the books, allowing space to expand on the characters. In the three clips, we saw a throne room with a sword fight, a monologue from Yenifer talking to a dead baby about the harshness of life as a female, and a clip of Princess Ciri walking in the woods only to be surrounded by warrior women with spears.

In terms of the casting of Geralt, we learned that Henry Cavill had his agents call every day to try and book him the part and he beat out over 200 other actors who were considered for the role.

The show does not yet have a release date, but it was announced that all of the episodes will drop at once.

Legacies, Room 6BCF, 3:15pm

via CW

The official teaser we received for the new season was ‘Quarterback, Escape, and Forgotten’. There was a TON of information I managed to grab from this one, mostly because this seemed to be the most popular panel that we covered today, but we did learn throughout the past few days that it will be a 20 episode season order.

The series will begin with Hope trying to ‘get the hell out’ of Malivore and we see her journey in the pit. We will see two new characters this season, an all-new female sheriff who will maybe hit it off with Alaric, and an old vampire with old ideals that Lizzie may be into who will be played by Thomas Docherty.

We learned that we may see some members of the Originals pop up and when asked about Caroling coming back on Legacies, we were asked to keep watching and see and ‘Hopefully one day we’ll get to have a family reunion. And maybe it’ll be soon.’ There was a lot of character-specific information, but that borders on spoiler territory so we will leave that out of this highlight and if you want to see any of it, it is all on our Twitter feed.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Hall H, 3:30pm

via Netflix

We were covering a lot of panels at the same time, but it didn’t stop us from grabbing a few pieces about this new show. Starring Mark Hamill, Taron Egerton, Helena Bonham Carter and Eddie Izzard, this show is ‘bringing Skeksi back’ according to Damien Holbrook.  There appears to be a 10 episode series dropping on Netflix with an 11th episode being a ‘Making Of’ special.

The show copied original puppets from storage and other puppets from museums for the show, and the scientist’s eye is a TIE fighter, just like in the movie. It will be all puppets on-screen with no CGI at all. The attendees were treated to a screening of episode one but a featurette was shared online shortly after.

Pennyworth, Room 6BCF, 4:30pm

via EPIX

This was a much smaller panel for the show which is a prequel focusing on Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne Family Butler and is set in the same universe as Gotham.

A sizzle reel was played before the panel, and we can expect each episode to be a stand-alone to a degree, but the whole of season one is a complete story. When describing Pennyworth, James Bannon used the words ‘Bizzare. Dark. Sexy. Weird’ to describe Alfred who wants and needs to be better than a butler, and this alongside his ambition and optimism, is what Bannon related to. He also shared that he sees his Alfred as a precursor for the Michael Caine Alfred, but that he did model his performance after his.

The series will premiere on July 28th on EPIX.

Carnival Row, Ballroom 20, 4:45pm

via Amazon
This fantasy Steampunk show borrows not only from Irish Mythology but from its history and Vulture too and is ‘about every ism (racism, feminism, classism etc) there is’.

At the end of a jampacked panel, filled with a ton of information about the new characters and the setting, we were treated to three character clips and the world premiere for the show. For information specific to the characters, as it again could be a spoiler for some, please view our Twitter.

Game of Thrones, Hall H, 5:30pm

via HBO


In this final ever panel, we received a lot of information surrounding where the attendees felt their characters would be now at the end, information about why they did what they did, favourite lines and if they stole any props from the set. Fans were also treated to a sizzle reel filed with clips from every season.

It was a closed panel, so no fan questions. I think this was to avoid any hate over the finale being spread to the panellists, which is compounded by the fact that an announcement was made before the panel asking people to be nice to the panellists. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau shared this sentiment later stating that at the end of a show you love you will always be pissed off, that’s ok, but what is not ok is to be nasty about it to the people who worked hard on it. Some fans expected some form of an announcement about the prequel series, but DD did not attend after they pulled out days before, scuppering any chance of announcement.

I am honestly exhausted after all of that! Thankfully I am off the weekend from my day job but tomorrow is even busier for what I dubbed ‘Superhero Saturday’ last year. I’ll be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all day tomorrow to try and share all that I can for you. Last year I went to Twitter Jail for it, shall we try and do a repeat? I think I shall!

Schedule (brief format)

Women of Marvel
Star Trek
The Good Place
The Expanse
The Orville
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
The Man in the High Castle
Black Lightning
Wynonna Earp
Marvel Studios
The Flash
The Magicians
What We Do in the Shadows
DC Universe
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

-Written by Christine

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