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SDCC 2019 Sunday Round-Up

No sleeping in for us today! We kicked off our coverage at the same time we have all weekend, but we had a very short day today compared to the others. Shall we get started then on our final two panels?

Supernatural, Hall H, 10:30am

via CW
Richard Speight, Jr., and Rob Benedict came on stage first for the final panel for season 15 of Supernatural, the longest-running sci-fi and fantasy show in the history of American television. It was annoucned that Season 14 will be released on DVD on September 10 before a sizzle reel of the road so far aired featuring several familiar faces from the past 14 seasons.

The first question up was ‘Wheres your heads at?’ with Jensen Padalecki stating “I’m trying not to cry’ and Jensen Ackles responding ” It’s hard to express, 14 years is a long time. This guy [Jared] was just in his early twenties”

It was announced that Jack will be back in some capacity for the final season which will deal with the fallout of the Season 14 finale. Sam and Dean will react differently to chucks play. Robert Berens says that it really opens up the idea of free will and put everything that did in the past into doubt.  He said “it’s exciting and scary” when talking about the ending.  Andrew Dabb joked that 30% of the audience would be really happy with the ending A La Game of Thrones.

When discussing their legacy on the show, Jared Padalecki stated “Sam Winchester, for me, won’t go away. He will be with me forever.”. Jensen Ackles responded “I’m really proud. To make television is not as easy as you might think. 42 minutes is 8 days of intense work. It takes a lot of very talented people to give you guys the best product we can make, and I’m really proud of that product.”

Misha Collins ended with “I hope that in the future, this fandom continues to function after the show is over. I hope that you guys continue to be a force for good and companionship for one another.”

There was one very happy fan who left Hall H today as it was announced right t the end of the panel, after a video about the Impala, that one of the lucky people who got to ask a question would walk away with an exact replica of Baby.

Season 15 will premiere October 10th at 8/7c on the CW.

Riverdale, Hall H, 11:45am

via CW

The panel begins with a video tribute to Luke Perry- “We wanted to honor Luke Perry. This year, our Riverdale family suffered a huge, huge loss.” It was first created as a tribute to play during the Season 3 wrap party. Gone, but never forgotten. It was then announced that the Riverdale Season 4 premiere will be a tribute to Fred and Luke. Shannen Doherty will appear in the Luke Perry tribute episode “in an emotional role.” as Luke Perry was trying for years to get her on. On the casting news, Doherty shared the following message on Twitter:

We got more casting news in that Molly Ringwald will be back for many more episodes in Season 4 and that Kerr Smith will join the cast this season as Principal Honey. Josie, played by Ashleigh Murray (who is now moving over to midseason spinoff Katy Keene, comes back to Riverdale in the season 4 premiere. It was also announced that Riverdale and Katy Keene will likely have a crossover episode.

Episode 4 will be a Halloween episode of Riverdale (October 30th) and someone will die (no one who was in attendance at the SDCC table). Cheryl and Toni may be wearing Halloween costumes as DC characters, pending clearances.

They are forming The Archies band this season and There will be a Battle of the Bands episode.  Archie is guitar/lead singer, Betty is the tambourine, Jughead is on drums, Veronica is on the keyboard but they’re still figuring it out. The first season was supposed to end with a Battle of the Bands between the Archies and the Pussy Cats but then the show became this whole other thing and the idea had to be put off until Season 4.

In terms of character arcs for this season, we received a LOT of news. Jughead will be heading to a prep school this season on a scholarship Jughead’s new school is called Stonewall. They are the Stonewall Stags and will be rivals of Riverdale High. Veronica is getting an “extended family member” coming into her life this season. Cheryl and Veronica are going to become business partners and “get into some sticky trouble with maple syrup potentially. KJ Appa says there’s a lot of football this season with lots of Archie and Reggie and lots Archie and Mad Dog, whose real name we will learn this season.  We will be getting an on-screen kiss for FP and Alice, and one of Kevin’s old flames will be coming back. We should also expect to get Toni’s backstory in this season and The Vixens will be returning bright and early.

The last big piece of news from this panel was that the much-beloved musical episode will also be happening again this year.

It has been a RIDE! We have completed round-ups for 32 panels in total over 27 and a half hours spanning four days (not including time spent covering press room interviews and photo shoots). I really hope that you enjoyed this year, whether you were sitting at home following along like we were (let’s hear it for the comic-cants!) or waiting in the lines for Hall H all weekend. I may let it all digest a little and recover slightly from lack of sleep before I look into what my Top 10 Takeaways from the weekend were so keep your eyes peeled for that article coming your way, hopefully shortly! Onwards and Upwards towards next year and Comic-Con 51!

-Written by Christine


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