July and August Fanfiction Round-Up

Hello all! It’s been a while since I gave you all a Fanfiction Round-Up. Our coverage of SDCC wiped me out, quite understandable when you account for the fact that I was working full time and currently live in a time zone 8 hours behind San Deigo, so I took a short break. But I’m back now for this month at least! EHCon was the beginning of this month and in October I have the amazing CarmillaCon, for which I am on the committee, so I may take another short break, but I’ll make up for it. Should we jump straight in any way? I think so!

Artwork by jurassicass

So did you really think I’d start with anything other than a Supercorp fic? I started reading the new  fic because I loved both Stay The Night and My Youth is Yours and needed more. how can we be lovers (if we can’t be friends) follows Lena and is set in college.
“Lena Luthor, right?” Kara says and Lena’s lips thin. Her ego scoffs at the idea that Kara doesn’t know who she is. Besides having had a class together every semester since freshman year, Lena’s a fairly known entity on campus if only because of her family, just the same as Kara and her goon teammates are well-known.
“I see your reading skills are intact. Nice to meet you,” she says sarcastically.
The tragic, amusing, altogether shocking story of how Lena Luthor agrees to tutor an idiot hockey player and, somehow, ends up with a fake girlfriend.

We have two chapters so far and over 30k words, so if you don’t want to play catch up like you have to do if you haven’t read #STN yet (also if you haven’t yet, please listen to me and go read it! I cannot recommend this fic enough! There is a lot of fan art, merch for the Lakehawks and a certain someone may be planning a certain cosplay – just saying!) then get reading now!

Artwork by Taskerling

 I fell in love with Gentleman Jack, and if you’ve been following me on Twitter then you know that two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gemma Whelan at Film and Comic Con Glasgow. We had a brief discussion over autographs about Gentleman Jack and she mentioned to me they aren’t filming again until next year. Well, I need more of all the (Mari)Ann(e)’s in my life, so I looked out some fanfic. not all things holy are about grace by  is set in modern times and is again set in the backdrop of a college. See a theme here?

“It’s definitely the anxiety that’s numbing her all the way to the tips of her fingers, not the ill-advised crush she’s had on professor Lister since she took an elective on queer poetry in her Sophomore year. Ann had been swept away in more ways than one.”
It’s Ann Walker’s senior year and she is really, desperately crushing on her professor. Guided by her best friends Catherine and Harriet, she endeavors to survive the year, although she makes it harder for herself by propositioning Anne Lister to be her thesis adviser – and she accepts.

This fic has over 25k hits and is fully completed so you don’t need to wait for chapters to be uploaded. If you trust me and my recommendations, and at this point, you should, then you should definitely check this one out.

Artwork by cesca-specs

Downton Abbey is on the big screen in a matter of days now and I am beyond excited! I’ve rewatched the show at least 10 times and I NEED more Lady Mary Crawley in my life now! So I found this fic and I’m not keeping it to myself. Trust and Providence by  is a fix-it fic and brings my beloved Matthew and Sybil back into my life.

What if Mary had trusted Matthew with her secret and immediately accepted his first proposal? An alternate universe starting from episode 1×06, interwoven with canon, that spans from 1914 – 1971. Major Sybil/Tom and some Edith/Anthony, Anna/Bates, Cora/Robert, Carson/Hughes. Includes depictions of intimacy, faith and philosophy, strong language, disturbing wartime imagery, racial slurs, and character death (but Mary/Matthew and Sybil/Tom end happily!)

I love a good fic-it fic. Hell, I’ve attempted to write a few myself. This one is 39 chapters strong out of 51 and is quite hefty with over 400k words so its a good chunk of reading for you all.

Artwork by capitaens

I have another new fandom for you. Did you watch the WWC and decide you needed more Womens Football in your life like I did? I remember watching Bend It Like Beckham like a bazillion times because guess what? I LOVE FOOTBALL! And I also used to play a bit. I always thought it was a missed opportunity that Jules and Jess didn’t end up together so I found a fic where they did. The Golden State by  is that fic! It follows Jules and Jess in college in California and falling in love. It does exactly what it says in the summary (which is pretty much the prior sentence). It has a little over 5k hits and needs more of your love. Stop sleeping on this pairing!

Artwork by greenzara123

For our final one of this roundup, we are going back to video games and I have a lovely little (well maybe not so little) Life is Strange fic for you. Ouroboros by TomorrowHeart picks up where the game finishes off.

When Chloe convinces Max to make things right, something strange happens, resulting in a new beginning and a chance at a life together. With everything seemingly “fixed,” the two are ready to live normal lives. Lots of fluffy “Adventures of Max and Chloe with friends” with a bit of “dealing with things” thrown in.

This fic is still going strong with 78/100 chapters finished, over 500,000 words and over 70k of you have already checked this out.  If you haven’t, please become one of us.

I guess I gave you a lot of fics to read this month to make up for the lack of recommendations last month huh? Better get to reading then! As always, if you are reading or writing a fic just now that you want to share with the world, drop us a line!

-Written by Christine

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