Fangirls Christmas Gift Guide 2019 pt. 2

Yup, it’s us again! Back with another Christmas Gift Guide for you all and this time we are taking a trip to the past with some of our favourites from last year. Remember those picky fangirls that you thought were tough to buy for? Guess what, they are now even harder to buy for because you bought them some amazing stuff last year! Well, we have updated some of our lists from last year for some of our favourites and we are passing them on to you!


Orphan Black

With Orphan Black: The Next Chapter being released on Serial Box earlier on this year, my obsession started to hit new heights. Imagine this, an episode gets released on a Thursday right before I leave work. I listen to it on the way home and end up sobbing on the bus. That has been my life for the past 10 weeks. Here are a few things to remind you of your Sestras.

1. Orphan Black Sestras by JoeyBeeGee

2. Sestra Embroidered Hat by 680andCo

3. Sestra Bracelet by  MetalsHeart

4. CLONE CLUB Roll-On Perfume Oil by TheLittleBookEater

5. Clone Club Cross Stitch by Scienstitch

6. Orphan Black Poster by UniqueMovieDesigns


Wynonna Earp

We had some good times and bad times this year with the #FightForWynonna and the subsequent #WinForWynonna and I have never loved this fandom more than I have this year. Seeing everyone come together and the fight has made me want to be even a part of this fandom even more if that was even possible.

1. “The Heir” Valentine Smith Earpers Shirt by ButchandSissy

2. 3D Printed Peacemaker by ThirtyThree3D

3. Wayhaught 2020 Wall Calendar by MyMechanicalfanHeart

4. Wynonna Earp Key Tags by AtomicOctopusDesigns

5. Lasagna Del Rey Vintage Style Tee by PyknicOfficial

6. Wynonna Earp Necklace by RichellesTherapy



Guess what, CarmillaCon was a thing that yes was real and yes it rocked! The committee our editor worked with were all spectacular and all the Creampuffs who supported the convention from its little baby steps are some of the best people around. Want to help with the #MoreCarmilla campaign? Try wearing some of this to spread awareness!

1. “Girl The Hell Up” Necklace by DauntlessTrader

2. Carmilla Hollstein Kiss Official Enamel Pin by HerNerdnessLLC

3. Silas University Snapback by ButchandSissy

4. CARMILLA – Alternative Poster by PuddyCatPrints

5. Queer Vampire – T-shirt by grrrlspells

6. “Summer Society Class” Necklace by DauntlessTrader


Game of Thrones

So Season 8 was a thing that happened. I have made you all aware of my thoughts on this, but let’s think of happier times and show our love for the amazing characters and support some great fan artists.

1. Dracarys Sweatshirt by KatLivesMatter

2. Game of Thrones Whiskey Decanter by PersonalityGiftShop

3. Daenerys Targaryen Wings Artwork by LeylaPrints

4. Not Today Shirt by LongHornApparel

5. Highgarden inspired Scented Candle by BeaconCandlesUK

6. Arya Stark “Not Today” Enamel Pin by starkreminders



There has been SO much She-Ra this year that I just cannot with it. Our editor even bought some She-Ra art when she was in Las Vegas for ClexaCon and has it permanently on display in her room. You can do the same for your loved ones too.

1. Hordak “LUVD” Enamel Pin by DesnaaDesigns

2. Adora “We Can Do It!” Mug by SeaworthyPirate

3. Mini Jewel & Charm Necklaces by MishMashedTreasures

4. POP T-Shirt by bangboompop

5. Catra Print by ONISODA

6. Fight Like a Princess Enamel Pin Badge by Nibielis



You love books? Great! So do we! Paperback, e-books, and now even audiobooks. give us them all! There are only so many books you can read so why not show the world your love of all mediums of reading.

1. Old Books Candle by AshandQuillCandles

2. Eat Sleep Read Books Sweatshirt by WaryaTshirts

3. I Like Big Books Enamel Pin by LiteraryEmporium

4. Literary Quote Typography Print by AbbieImagine

5. Date Due Necklace by LiteraryLaneBoutique

6. “Just one more chapter” Bookmark by GoldAmour


And that’s the two of them done!We hope you liked these guides as much as we are enjoying ‘window shopping’ for all of our favourite things. With new superhero content arriving next year, we will save our superhero gift guide for then (WW84 anyone!)

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