Valentines Day Fanfiction Round-Up

It is Valentines Day and what is better than sitting alone by yourself? Sitting alone by yourself reading Fanfictions with your favourite ships in them! I’ve put off this round-up until now so that I could share a few new ones with you to help you feel less alone on Valentines.

‘Fleur & Tonks’ Artwork by vulcains

‘Moments in Love’ by Gandalfs_Beard is a new fic I started to read about two weeks ago. Its main ship is not Fleur and Tonks, but it is a ship which I have grown to love very quickly.

In First Year, Harry realises early on that he has more in common with Hermione than Ron. Their friendship gradually blossoms into something more – something that Voldemort will come to regret – the Power that he knows not. … First through third year near canon, more AU from fourth year on.

This fic, when downloaded, sits at 2949 pages on my Books app on my iPhone and I am currently 2459 pages in. Sure the main ship is not Fleur and Tonks, it isn’t even Ginny and Luna, but I do love this Harmony story and it looks like over 69,000 of you also love its 78 chapters.

Artwork by lesly-oh

Did you think you were getting away with no Supercorp? Coming Home by JustBecause86 is a newcomer for me since Christmas. This is what happens when you are randomly looking through Archive of Our Own trying to stave off the hiatus.

Alex Danvers is Sheriff in a place most people can’t even find on the map, but this is home and after her father’s death someone had to pick up the mantle and become the new Sheriff.

Kara Danvers on the other hand couldn’t wait to leave the expectations that her father’s legacy put on the sisters far behind her. Having left right after college, moving to Virginia and starting a career with the FBI, it’s been five long years since she last came home.

Now with a wife and daughter, Kara makes the trip back across the country for what was supposed to be a short visit. Her plans however are crossed by a series of mysterious murders that turns their peaceful little hometown upside down. The Danvers sisters work together to solve this case and along the way they discover a connection to their own past.

I instantly fell in love with this fic. It focusses on Supercorp and Alex as well as having Sam, Maggie and Lucy alongside the usual suspects of Brainy, J’onn and James. By the looks of things, a lot of you loved this one too as over 11,000 of you have hit this fic up!

Artwork by Luu

I don’t read nearly enough Avalance fics but You’re My Miracle by bihexualmess caught my attention. I mean who doesn’t like enemies to lovers stories? I guess it follows canon pretty closely then for it being an AU.

“Sara Lance is a reckless person. She exhibits violent behaviours, and drinks while on a job. Oh, and did you know she sleeps with her clients? Clients, Rip! She sleeps with them! Who does that?!”

Rip chuckled as he turned his eyes towards the door.

“I take it she isn’t a fan of mine then?”

Ava froze when she heard a voice behind her.

With Sara, Ava, Amaya, and Zari, this fic is sure to satisfy most of your shipping needs. With being a WIP, this fic is sure to give you a few cliffhangers and more than a bit of angst as its author adds to its tally of 31 chapters.

Artwork by foxfire141

You all know that one of my absolute favourite ships is Bering and Wells right? I was DEVASTATED when they did not end up together (and trust me that was not something that little closeted me even knew she needed when she first started watching Warehouse 13). Ages by deathtodickens includes a few of our favourite characters.

Myka tells Helena, “Sometimes the age difference between us seems like nothing at all,” and she pauses and lifts her hand to palm the side of Helena’s face just under her jaw, brushes her thumb across Helena’s cheek to her ear then adds, “and other times, it’s like a million years.”

This story is part of the Age Gap series but looks like you can read it on its own. It currently has 29 chapters and seems to be around the same length as ‘Moments in Time’ from further up. Better get your read on!

I figure I have given you more than enough reading for Valentines Day. I know what I’ll be doing anyway. I’ll be sitting reading even more fic to bring to you all for your next Fanfiction Round-Up. As always, if you have any recommendations, please send them on through the usual channels.

-Written by Christine

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