The Fangirls Top 10 Moments of Supergirl Season 5

Well, here we are again, another Supergirl Top 10 moments. It has been a busy season with Lex and Leviathan (none of which really make my Top 10 because Lex is just pure evil and Leviathan is just another baddie at the end of the day) but here are the moments that have made our Top 10 for this season. Buckle up because there is a lot to process with these.



SDCC 2019. The word on everyone’s lips was ‘Pants!’ and it became a mantra in every single Supergirl interview and panel. We didn’t have to wait very long for this one to come to fruition as Brainy created a new Supergirl Suit activated by Kara Danvers glasses in episode one of this season. No one was expecting it but after Kara came out as Supergirl to Lena at the Pulitzer Prize ceremony she whipped off her glasses to reveal the new and improved less drafty suit. I’m sure it is a lot more comfortable in the rains dn winter months for Melissa Benoist to wear and it is (in my opinion) one of the best super suits I have ever seen.

9. Nia Nal Episode

If only we could live in a world where we did not see hatred like this. Everyone is valued and everyone is valid.

I will forgive you if you had forgotten that Nia was still on the show up until episode 15 as the writers seem to have forgotten this little fact as well. Episode 15 is an episode created with the input of Nicole Maines and it is an entire episode focused on Nia Nal and it is a real education. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock then you know that Nicole Maines and Nia Nal are both trans and this episode focusses solely on our trans community. Yvette, Nia’s super amazing roommate, is attacked by a bigot who targets trans women by catfishing them on dating sites in order to send a message to Dreamer that no one wants a trans superhero (which yes we do by the way and we don’t want Nicole or Nia to go anywhere!) It is a story which cuts deep in the soul and showcases statistics about how members of the trans community are misgendered when reporting these hate crimes and this often leads to underreporting or misreporting. I simply love this episode and believe that everyone who wants to be a better ally (or just a better decent human being) should watch this one in particular.

8. Alex in Super Suits

If only there had been a camera on me when I saw both of these suits for the first time because then you would all have seen that it was possible to love Alex Danvers more than previously thought.

Alex Freaking Danvers. Need I say more? She gets a new suit each season but this season she got to wear two new supersuits! In episode 16 Alex gets stuck in VR when she is playing out a reality where she is Supergirl. Photos of this suit circulated for a while before the episode aired and I was so confused about what was happening. I thought Alex had somehow managed to get Platinum Kryptonite (which gives a human Kryptonian Superpowers permanently) and had joined Kara as a Superhero that way but we all know Alex is a superhero in her own right, leading us to the unveiling of her new supersuit in episode 19, the finale of the season. It has built in make up, has a hood, looks like it has a cape, and looks damn good! Can we all just take a second to notice the similarities between the two, they are both black and blue and the black in the ‘S’ in the VR suit looks like it is the same as the blue fabric on the new suit. In a IG Live, Chyler Leigh mentioned that we will learn the background behind this suit and the meaning will become clear for what her superhero name is and I cannot wait!

7. Melissa Benoist Directorial Debut

We stan two Director Danvers

Don’t we all love when actors of particular shows on the CW get the opportunity to direct? David Harewood, Caity Lotz, Danielle Panabaker and now Melissa Benoist.  The episode in question was very Lex heavy, simply because directing is hard enough but directing and acting in the episode at the same time must be extremely daunting. Melissa Benoist did an amazing job with this episode, the 17th episode of the season titled ‘Deus Lex Machina’, and I cannot wait to see whatever Melissa Benoist directs next!

6. Paragon of Hope

When you look up Hope in the dictionary, the only entry is Kara Danvers.

How many different references to hope have we had over the years on this show? Kara lives on Hope Street, Lena names her AI Hope, Kara often gives speeches about hope such as in the season one finale, and that is just three instances off the top of my head! In Crisis when it was revealed that there were seven Paragons who would put a stop to the Anti-Monitor and that one was the Paragon of Hope, I was ready to cut someone if they named anyone other than our Ray of Sunshine. Kara is the embodiment of hope, she never gives up believing in people (see her relationship with Lena this season as an example) and she always believes the best in humanity (see season 4).

5. So many Brainiac-5’s

So Brainiac-5 has a thing for leather, huh?

What is better than one Brainiac-5? Will half a dozen work? Jesse Rath is joined by his sister Meaghan Rath for this episode who plays one of the Brainys while Jesse Rath plays the other iterations. WHy are they all there you ask? Well they all got trapped on the same earth with the collapse of the multiverse in Crisis, the episode before, and before they can investigate further, one of the Brainys dies off before our eyes and tells them not to open the bottle. It turns into a murder mystery, with one of the Brainys being the murderer, and ends with our Brainy taking off his Psycic Inhibitors that he was been wearing since he was a child to prevent him from becoming like his mother who bottled planets o a whim.

4. Lena in so many suits

This look is everything! Well this and every single other thing that Lena wore this season.

Are you surprised that this is in here? I will be conducting extensive research onto the matter but from what I can remember there is only one episode this season where Lena does not wear a suit, and that is the finale. I am beyond happy that the suits made it into this season after their introduction in season 4, and I hope they stick around. Katie McGrath just looks so great in a suit (well she looks great in anything she wears) and I am so happy that Lena found a great tailor in National City (or maybe she uses her self flying plane to go to Italy to get a new one. Who knows!)

3. Episode 100

Just look at this group of glorious humans. They have given us all so much and I am eternally grateful.

How many shows can say that they have made 100 episodes? This episode brought back Mxy (who is played by Thomas Lennon now) and was an episode focussed solely on Kara and Lena and their relationship in a series of ‘fix-its’ that come straight out of fanfics. Who doesn’t want to see what would have happened if Kara told Lena way back in season 2? What we didn’t want to see though was what if Lena and Kara never met, but we got it anyway and we got to see ‘Dark Lena’ (a picture which has been my lockscreen since the episode aired because WOW!). We even got to see what would have happened if Lena did not come to save Kara at the end of season 3 and she was killed by Reign, leading to many tears from yours truly seeing Alex bring Thanksgiving leftovers to Karas grave.

2. Lena Croft

 A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. – Lara Croft

We got so many great Lena epsidoes this season, none more so than the Lena-centric episode, Confidence Women. I LOVE Lara Croft, and seeing Lena play the role of the explorer looking for a lost medallion of legend from a story that her mother used to read her as a child was a gift sent from Rao himself. I loved seeing Lena as a teenager in school and seeing her friendship with Andrea Rojas evolve and then inevitbly fall apart when Lena learns that she took the medallion for herself.

1. Lena and Kara make up

Just two best friends being best friends again and the cause of my eventual death.

FINALLY! The finale was a long time coming and the scenes these two characters have shared this season have been utterly soul destroying. From Lena screaming at Kara in the Fortress of Solitude and stealing Myriad to Kara telling Lena that if she acts like a villain then she will treat her as a villain, we have been put through he emotional ringer. The finale was a breath of fresh air when the two finally had the discussions they’ve needed to have all season with Kara explaining that she only kept her secret from Lena to keep her safe, and Lena acknowledging that she only did what she did because her hurt drove her to. It is a conversation that we should have had, probably before crisis, but the show needed them at odds for the season to further the Lex storyline which I am still mad about. I am beyond happy though that they have agreed to put this all behind them and to move forward to take Lex down again (lets just hope he stays dead this time!)

And that is it for our top 10 moments of this season. It will be a while before we can write one of these again, the show is on a hiatus until April 2021 now due to Coronavirus and to allow Melissa Benoist some maternity leave following the birth of her baby with husband and co-star Chris Wood. Until then I will be doing a five season rewatch and reading a LOT of fanfic.

-Written by Christine

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