Carmilla Fanfiction Round-Up: The Lockdown Edition

Hi all. We are back after a short summer break in time for SDCC @ Home coming up next week. We are doing another fandom specific fanfic roundup this time in this Lockdown Edition. Do you find yourself going back to some old favourites? We do too. We asked some of our friends at CarmillaCon for some of their reccomendations (as well as adding one of our own)

Artwork by Bev Johnson

Common Ground by StormIsland is one which has been recommended by one of the committee of CarmillaCon (and was actually sent over a while back but as we took a summer vacation we are only just posting it now) and it is a fic which has been completed for some time now.

Laura Hollis doesn’t need anything; she has friends she can count on and a job she loves. Why would she need a relationship? She is perfectly fine on her own.

So what happens when she meets this infuriating stranger she REALLY cannot stand?
Will she change anything in Laura’s routine?

This is what I call a ‘middling fic’. It isnt a fic which will take a wee to read, but it also isn’t a fic which will be over as soon as it starts. With just oiver 95k words and 16 chapters it is one you can easily spread out acorss a few days (if that is your thing but we all know fans do love a good binge read!)

Artwork by marisa

The Vampire Hotel by Jenocide is another fic which comes recommended from another of the organisers of CarmillaCon.

College can be expensive, as Laura Hollis discovers when she finds herself unexpectedly forced to find a way to pay for tuition and rent. (And cookies) Unable to find a job that won’t take exception to the accidental destruction of their property, Laura decides to take a more drastic measure, selling her blood to vampires.

In a world where vampires live openly, is there a chance that a tiny gay and a broody gay might find each other? A helpful matchmaking big sister definitely couldn’t hurt their odds.

This is another ‘middling fic’ and is also completed, so no angsty wait to find out what happens at the end. It has just over 81k words, so it should be a good read for an afternoon (as it is around 5k more words than Frankenstein). It looks like a lot of people agree with our referee as almost 60k of you have checked this fic out.

Artwork by breannimate

white blank page by antisocialgod is our last recommendation from one of the organisers of CarmillaCon and is definetly a hit with the readers (so sorry not sorry if you have already read it).

Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted.

The summary gives absolutly nothing away for this fic, but be prepared to be broken by it (as well as love it in its entirity). It has been completed since 2018 and is double the length of the first two fics we have recommended today so be prepared to not read it in full in one afternoon. A lot of you really love this fic as it has over 1100 bookmarks,

Artwork by breannimate

Out of Reach by WheresMyNaya rounds out our little quartet of fics for this edition. Ever wondered what would happen with our favourite characters during lockdown?

Laura ventures up to the roof one day in need of a break from isolation and finds that she isn’t the only one with that same idea in mind. Hollstein Lockdown AU (Could also work as a Long Distance AU if you squint hard enough)

This fic is obviously a lot newer than the others, but it is (surprise surprise) also completed! With just over 60k words across 21 chapters it should be a fic which is a nice into into the world of fanfic if you have never ventured here before. Let us give this fic the love it deserves.

And that is it for a nice light bit of reading between now and our next update where we will go back to a more broad coverage of all fandoms. Do you have a favourite fic you want to give a shout out to? Get in touch with us and in the mean time, support your local fan fic authors!

-Written by Christine

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