Fangirl Dens ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4 Predictions

I still cannot believe that I get to write this article. It is still so surreal that we won the fight to get our shitshow back, but Wynonna Earp is coming back to our screens on July 26th and we of course have a lot of ideas about what we think *may* happen. We will of course be COMPLETELY wrong, but it is always fun to put them out in to the ether and see if any of them are correct. Let us start with an obvious one shall we?

Who is Rachel?

We are no stranger to possession in this show (Don’t touch the damn goo!), so it goes to say that one of my leading ideas at the moment is that Rachel, played by Martina Ortiz-Luis, is posessed by the spirit of Valdez. I do also have the idea that if this is not to be, then Rachel is actually Amy Jane Doe from the comic book. Amy Jane Doe is described as a 16-18 year old so this would fit in with Ortiz-Luis age. I think I covered my bases there with Rachel. Lets hope one of my two ideas are correct. Or maybe Amy Jane Doe in the series is actually Valdez and I am correct on both counts? Gotta love a dreamer!

Wynonna and Waverly’s sister bond

It is kind of hard to have a sisterly bond when one is stuck in Purgatory and one is stuck in the Garden of Eden. I’ve dug into my ‘Lord of the Rings’ for this idea in that the Earp sisters develop a sisterly psychic connection where they can communicate across the realms, much like Aragorn and Arwen do. Where does this idea come from? In the trailer we see some images of Wynonna sitting up when Waverly whispers ‘help’, but this could all be to lead me down a false trail, and it most likely is knowing Emily Andras and her team of kick ass writers.

Whats Up Doc?

Last season we saw Doc Holliday become a vampire to continue to be immortal. This season, I think Waverly has ‘healed’ Doc of his Vampirism and that is why he was able to cross the veil and go into the Garden. So what will Doc get up to this season? Well he has to find a new way of becoming immortal. The only other thing that springs to mind with Immortality is The Fountain of Youth. I know it doesn’t really have a grounding in Christianity like the Garden does, but surely there is some kind of cellestial equivelent like Ichor in mythology.

It is WAYHAUGHT in here!

What is in store for our lovebirds? After a proposal what else is there to do? I don’t think we will see a wedding this season (sorry!) but Nicole and Waverly are not ready for a wedding in my mind. They don’t even cohabit on a permament basis! Yes, I think that our fave ship will move in together and maybe host another dinner party where no potatoes will be licked and there will be no accidental proposals. I think there may be a ‘slight’ arguement because Waverly will not want to leave Wynonna in the Homestead alone but she will eventually move in with Nicole after they get fed up of Wynonnus Interruptus yet again.

It is Jetri Time!

Jeremy and Robin. Our other resident lovebirds. I think th4se two this season will continue just to take their relationship slowly. There must be some issues that Robin will want to sort out after the whole vomiting soil and potato licking. I also think that we will find out the true scale of Jeremys powers in an explanation to Robin rather than to the whole gang. I don’t really have too many ideas about what will happen with these two except that they will continue to stay together and go on dates while being incredibly cute together.

Chrissy and Nedley

Well we know from pictures that Chrissy Nedley is in this season so I think we will get to see a strained relationship between Chrissy and Nicole due to Nedley thinking of Nicole as another daughter. Chrissy is number one right? Also she had to be the one that Wynonna got the chloroform from to spoke the drinks of everyone while she went off to face Bulshar alone. Nedley will try and be the peacemaker between the two of them but she just has to start a bar fight in Shortys with the new sheriff.

Stripper Mercedes

Mercedes spent all her familys fortune on getting plastic surgery to fix her face after the Widows in season 2 so now she is broke. What else is a girl to do in Purgatory to make some cash but to go to Pussy Willows on her nights off from her property firm and be a stripper under the name Chérie. I kid of course. Mercedes has to be part of the squad and is under cover at Pussy Willows to keep the bad guys of this season distracted for Wynonna to steal something.

These are just some utterly random and fun thoughts I’ve had about what could happen this season, so do not @ me if they are right or wrong. I will be so happy to be wrong and I fully trust Emily and all the writers. I am just beyond happy that we get our show back.

We will continue our usual fan prediction articles after episode one, so make sure that you get those predictions or thoughts about the episode into us as quickly as you can after the episode airs for them to be featured in our article the following week. Until then, Fight like an Earp!

-Written by Christine

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