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SDCC @ Home: Day Two

Did you think we were done after yesterdays article? Hell No! We are back with all the action from the panels we covered today, day two, of SDCC @ Home. Buckle up, we have a lot to go through again today.

Charlize Theron: Evolution of a Badass – An Action Hero Career Retrospective

This panel was such a great interview over Theron’s involvement in the action genre. We have picked a few quotes to highlight:

‘There was this moment in my career that I realised very clearly that because that movie didn’t really perform that I wasn’t going to be given another opportunity and it was really harsh’. This thread was later picked up again when discussig Atomic Blonde ‘I wanted to get it right because there is a part of me that thinks if you get it wrong one time, you just will not get another opportunity again.’

‘I’m intrigued by the messiness of being a human, especially a human. When we talk about representation, I remember watching a lack of conflicted women in cinema.’ Theron followed this up with ‘our strengths can come from our faults and our mistakes and from our petty and our vulnerabilities and our madness, those are the things that make us interesting’ 

At the end of the interview, the discussion turned towards the future, ‘Everything actually scares me. I don’t know really how to create not from a place of fear.’ ‘My creativity really thrives from my fear’

Vikings: A Look Back with the Lothbroks

After a discussion about their characters, the panel turned toward the second half of season 6, which is set to air later this year. We learned that Ubbe is set to go on an ‘incredible journey’. All of the characters will have their fates decided – whether they live or die -meaning that the conclusion of this saga is ‘deeply satisfying – a proper and meaningful ending’.

Fans were also treated to an exclusive clip that you can watch below:

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead

Right at the very start of the panel, we get the official date for Season 6 – Sunday, October 11th at 9/8c – as well as a trailer release to get us in the mood for the panel.

This season will be more of an anthology with each episode being like a mini-movie, and they will make up a darker season. 

We have a directorial debut this season with Lennie James making his first foray behind the camera, with Colman Domingo directing a ‘very Die Hard-Esque’ episode.

What can we expect from Season 6? Well, it is, in a  few words, ‘ opportunistic, daring, look at the other side of everybody, insular, deceptive, different’ 

Do you still want more? Well, we will see Dwight and Sherry this season and Daniel Salazar will not be the only person with a pet this season. We will also see new characters, one mentioned in particular is Dakota, Virginia’s little sister, played by Zoe Colletti.

AMC’s The Walking Dead

Right off the bat, we are told that the Season 10 finale will air on Sunday, October 4th 9/8c. Sure that means there is no Season 11 this year, but we will get an extended season 10 with 6 ‘extra’ episodes set to air early 2021.

What can we expect from the finale, after being shown the first two minutes? Well, Maggie is returning for and it’s not just for a visit, but Hershel Jr. will not appear and the last 5 minutes of the finale will take the show to a whole other place.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond

After being pulled from schedules just before it aired, it was announced that TWD: World Beyond will be premiering October 4th right after TWD and we were treated to the official trailer.

World Beyond is set 10 years after the apocalypse. The characters have led a sheltered life in their community and are now on a cross-country quest.

First Look at Hulu’s Helstrom

This new series, set to air October 16 on Hulu, is based on the ‘Son of Satan’ books. It is a family story at its heart about the family you are born with and the family that you create for yourself bringing in the Nature vs Nurture argument.

Helstrom is ‘laced with easter eggs in characters in sets in props’.

Bob’s Burgers

The good news is that everyone is WFH and production never stopped due to this pandemic. New episodes are set to air starting September 27th.

We also got a few teases with an episode about a pinworms epidemic – ‘Worms of Endearment’- and ‘Copa Cobobana’ where Bob and Linda help to open a nightclub. One of the two clips shown from new episodes is of Bob falling in love and having an ‘affair’ with the kitchen in the nightclub on opening night.

This season also sees a milestone episode with episode 200 called ‘Bob Belcher and the terrible horrible no good very bad kids’

Unboxing Pandora: Season Two On The CW This Fall

We have already finished season one, so what can we expect from season 2? Well, it is ‘bigger, better more action-packed’ with ‘more special effects, more romance.’

It will have a time jump and will start a couple of months after the events of season 1. We will get to see the characters spend more time in Space and on adventures while still spending some time in school. There is also a potential musical episode and more fight scenes promised alongside a brand new ship – The Dauntless.

Filming on Season 2 is set to start soon with other announcements about merchandise also being made shortly.

And that is it for Day 2. Again, we did check out some other panels today, but we decided to limit this article somewhat. Tomorrow is what we usually call ‘Superhero Saturday’ as all the Arrowverse panels and the Wynonna Earp panel happen on Saturday, but with DC doing their own thing next month, we can’t call it that this year. Thankfully we have the Wynonna Earp panel to look forward to! Check out our Twitter and IG Story tomorrow morning for a full list of what we will be covering.

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