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SDCC @ Home: Day Four

Day four is here. It is the day in which we have our least coverage (happily as we were originally due back at work at 8 am tomorrow before taking it off as a vacation day to Earp it Up tonight). We have a panel from one of our favourite shows right now as well as from an exiting favourite in its final comic con appearance. Let’s get to it then.

Motherland: Fort Salem

We start off with a discussion over the characters after a video introduction recapping Season One.

‘Your morality is very much deciding in the moment what to do’  ‘Shes maturing, shes waking into a with and waking into her powers’ on Tally Craven

‘It’s a very beautiful disbalance almost that I love playing with’ Lyne Renee on Sarah Alder. ‘She has been through too much for any one person to bear[…] I’ve never been more scared to try and portray a certain role like alder because she is so far from who I am. It was such a great exercise to try and get that power’. On the subject of Tally Craven, General Sarah Alder sees Tally as a younger version of herself and lets her be direct due to that.

On looking at our favourite ship, Taylor Hickson spoke on what makes Scylla relatable and loveable, ‘people have fun and they make mistakes’.

Demetria McKinney went on to give special thanks to the Writing Room for the show stating ‘The writing in this thing is just so well thought. It’s so poignant. Each character, while they each have derivative things which attach them, is so unique and very specific’

But what can we expect in Season 2?

‘The connection of biddyship is so profoundly intimate. It’s a psychic bond, it’s almost like mother daughter. It is profoundly deep and it will haunt Tally throughout the season’

We’ll see these polar opposites, the Army and the Spree, realise that they are facing the same common enemy, the Chamarea, who are coming back and it is very ‘personal’ for Alder as the Chamaera hunted down a lot of her family and ripped out their vocal chords.

On the presence of female sexuality in the show, Elliot Lawrence wanted to create a space where women are not ‘problematized for having lust and sexuality.’  ‘Witchcraft is not satanic, it’s a nature cult about fertility. ‘It leaves women in a free place in terms of sexuality and agency’, to which Ashley Nicole Williams added ‘To see Abigail be with two guys and take complete control is a total role reversal.’

The discussion turned to the role of The Witch Father and the working relationship that Alder shares with him.  ‘She knows how the Witch Father serves her sexually without it having to become complicated. I felt that was so refreshing and renewing’ He is not 300 years old like Alder is, and it switches every couple of years. How many Witch Fathers does that mean there has been then?

Seeing as the men were brought up, yes, there are more men (and new ones) when the Witches get to War College. 

War College is on the other side of the woods we always see.  There is a new class they will take on in War College. The witches are all going to learn Mother Tongue. Lyne Renee says it is ‘so beautiful’ 

‘Witches literally taught the rest of humanity how to speak’ so Mother Tongue is the root human language that all other languages come from. Adil will be back and will help teach some mother tongue this season alongside his sister, Khalida.

We will also explore in more detail the way that mortals view the Witches. There’s no reason or understanding for the way in which they are treated.

In terms of racism and homophobia, it was a conscious decision to not include them in the show. It is a ‘bubble’ and ‘because female power in the military, the tide has shifted towards feminism in the world at large’  

‘There’s no gender, there’s no colour. In a time like this, with the climate of our country, over here anyways, is being so tested, it’s a beautiful thing. People get an opportunity to see things from a different lens.’  says McKinney, ‘’The changes are possible. The world is opening up’ with the representation in this show

The 100

‘The ending of the story is the moral of the story’. – Jason Rothenberg

We learn a little bit about what is in store for the characters for the remainder of the final season.

On Octavia, ‘She is always changing her dynamics every year’ and now she is a ‘very nurturing self-actualized version of herself’. 

‘Sometimes being so smart it doesn’t always give you the opportunity to learn’ said Lyndsey Morgan on Raven, who added that Raven gets to see what the world of grey is this season.

There’s a lot of ‘wrinkles’ this season with Murphy moving into a leadership role that he did not expect.

‘Her big challenge this season is knowing who to follow’ Tasya Teles on Echo this season 

Were you looking for a new mantra? Well Shelby Flannery just gave us one ‘You have to throw yourself in 100% in order to find the magic’.

The conversation then turned toward the fans and conventions, for what is the final SDCC for The 100, Lyndsey Morgan’When you get to meet people that it has impacted their lives in such a way to where they are so passionate about the story and these characters and the people that make them and play it,  it really was mind blowing.’ ‘We see stories, they inspire us or motivate us or resonate with us,’ and it’s ‘deeply personal’.

And we come to the end of our mammoth undertaking for our third year in a row of trying to bring you as much coverage from as many panels as we can. Thank you for joining us on this unique journey this year. Our hope is that in the future, SDCC will take this year as a lesson and perhaps have certain panels live streamed (accessible through the purchase of a digital attendee badge or something like that) so that we get to enjoy this convention again from the comfort of our own homes and not have to worry about Con Crud. We hope that you join us again for Comic Con 2021!

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