The Fangirls Top 10 Moments of Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1

I’ve kind of put off writing this article for a bit, simply because I love the show so much that it is very hard to narrow down just a few of my favourite things about it. Everything is so well thought out, and the cinematography is just absolutely stunning. Here we are anyway, and as usual, all of our favourite things are in no order what so ever. Let’s jump right in shall we?

10. Powerful Women

I feel like this is a cop-out putting this one in, but it is 100% true. Think about it. In this show, the women have the power. They are freaking witches for crying out loud, the exact thing powerful women have been accused of and killed over for CENTURIES! It is just that women who helped in communities, like healers and midwives, were seen as a threat by men. In this, the women hold all the power, and it is about time!

9. ‘Dumb noodling neigh-neigh’

Ok, for this one, who doesn’t love the Bellweather/Swythe animosity and rivalry? Right from the get-go until the end, these two witches gave us so many comebacks that they could put some Earpers to shame! We went from ‘face like a spider abortion’ to Abigail’s perfect eulogy, these two took us on a journey of what it means to overcome our ‘differences’ and to work together.

8. Out in the Field

I love seeing our coven in action, and where better than in City Drop and in the finale when finding the rest of Adil and Khalida’s people. Sure, City Drop didn’t end in the best manner – what with Libba dying and all that – but we got to see the entirety of the cadets Windshear a truck apart. That was pretty cool. We didn’t have to wait too long either until they were back in the field in the finale with Alder and the Biddies. I am still not over two of the three WTF moments from that finale!

7. Mother Tounge

Alders kind of ‘main goal’ this season was to learn the Mother Tongue that she heard coming from the Faberge Egg at The Hauge, and then tried to learn it from Adil and Khalida. Khalida took Alder to school when she spoke it and tried to teach it to Alder to make her see that it is not trusted in her hands. At the SDCC panel, we learned that our coven will learn it as well next season and I am SO EXCITED!

6. General Sarah Alder (aka. BAMF OF THREE CENTURIES!)

This certainly cannot be a surprise to anyone that I have included General Alder in this one. The woman has lived for more than three centuries! Not many people could earn the kind of respect and power that she has, but she has done it regardless and has turned the Witches from being hunted into doing the hunting. That is no mean feat. Add on to that that she is super powerful, see the battle in the finale for evidence, but she is not averse to making the difficult decisions that need to be made, regardless of how questionable those decisions are.

5. The Matriarchal Society

Who is sick of the Patriarchy? ME! I love seeing a society where we not only have an army of female witches but one where the women are the heads of the family and are the heads of the country! I am going to add in here that female sexual freedom is also celebrated in this society. It is celebrated. Witches are only married for five years after all and its seen as a badge of honour to be with more than one person. Witches are not supposed to be monogamous and we are reminded often of this.

4. Khalida

Who doesn’t love a kid who stands up to authority and takes them to school? Khalida is just such an amazing character who sees through Alders bullshit and is not afraid to take her to task over it. I enjoyed this probably much more than I was supposed to, but Khalida wormed her way into our little fangirl hearts and I cannot wait to see more of her.

3. The Coven

Ok, the Unit, aka the Coven here to us. What can I say about Tally, Abigail and Raelle? I love them with my whole heart? That’s not enough. Tally went on such a journey from being a nieve young woman to being the other woman in a relationship to becoming one of Alders Biddies. Abigail changed from being an absolute stickler for the rules and being all about that War College life to realising the power that comes from her name and doing anything for her unit. And Raelle? Well, she went from Shitbird, to well Shitbird. Not really but yes. Raelle put aside her anger and grief over losing her mother and realised that yes, she is powerful and that power can come from those around her. These are not three of the most well-written characters I have seen on TV in a minute.

2. Raylla

I do adore Raelle and Scylla so much. My heart breaks so much for them. They are such a great loving couple, even if Scylla did start out going after Raelle for her mother. In Scyllas defence, she didn’t know that was why she was asked to bring Raelle to the road at the wedding, she was just following orders like a good soldier, and then she had to go and fall in love with our little Shitbird. The scenes that the two inhabit are just amazing, and dare I say it, ‘Sexy Weird’?

1. Beltane

Beltane. What can I say about Beltane that I haven’t already? The fact that Beltane has a magic all of its own and leads everyone to the right person after the dance is amazing. And that dance? Truly astounding. The cinematography, the choreography. It was all magical (pun intended) Raelle and Bryce making fun of everyone while they are getting it on? I laughed so hard at it all. I hope that we get to see another Beltane next season, and hopefully, Anacostia will get her moment. The outfits were stunning! It would be great to see every single one of our beloved characters out of uniform.

And that is it for our Top 10 Moments. My memorable mentions are just every time the coven comes together and hugs or laughs, that reveal right at the very end, the food table at Charvelles wedding, my list could honestly go on and on because it seems like every single pairing in this show works. I can’t wait for season two!

-Written by Christine

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