Fanfiction Round-Up: The Earper Edition

Hello one and all and welcome to our August Fanfiction Round-Up. This month we are focusing once more on Wynonna Earp, because after that two-year wait, who can wait a week to week for each episode? We have four new recommendations for you for this month so sit tight, grab your bacon doughnut and get ready to read!

Artwork by Polar Biscuit

First up is Fragments by gooseclaws. This is a fic which brings back one of those characters that we love as much as they love coconut oil at the commune, Willa Earp, and promises to be an enemy to friends to lover fic.

Waverly Gibson can’t help but flirt when Nicole Haught walks into her bar. When she gets Nicole’s number, it feels like the first good thing to happen to her in a long time.

But Nicole isn’t what she seems, and their meeting unearths secrets that have been hidden from Waverly her whole life. Everyone wants something from her and Waverly will have to decide: who does she trust, and how much is she willing to forgive?

It seems like a lot of you love it as well as almost 25k of you have read this fic, which is one chapter away from being finished.

Artwork by littlelostself

Who doesn’t love a story about a lighthouse keeper? the light that turns atop her tower by gilligankane is just that. It includes all of our favourite characters, as well as bringing back one we haven’t seen since season one, Champ Hardy. I can’t be the only one who wondered what happened to him after the poisoned champagne?

“One day,” her aunt would whisper in her ear. “One day, this is going to be yours, Nicole. This will be your lighthouse and you will be its keeper.” She’d curl an arm around Nicole’s shoulders. “You will be the protector of all the things in the water. The ships and their captains. The fishers and their boats. The mermaids and the sirens and the selkies.” She’d press a kiss to the top of Nicole’s head. “Especially them.”

I can’t be the only one who loves a fic about Nicole and lighthouse keepers. I know I’m not because over five thousand of you have read this fic and more of you need to check it out!

Ready for some more Earp Fic? You are My Happy Place by ISmellLikeQueeeef is third on our list today. This one is a long fic so get your snacks ready.

Waverly figured she was going to have a pretty normal life in Purgatory. Marry, have kids, die. That’s how it works in small towns. But one day when she gets into some “trouble”, she realizes that maybe life isn’t going to be so boring after all. 


Waverly meets Nicole after getting pulled over and immediately questions all of her life decisions.

With 100 chapters and almost half a million words, this fic is not for the faint of heart, but I don’t think that matters to those who enjoy this fic as you have all given it over 2000 Kudos.

Artwork by Oliviajoytaylor

You all know by now that I’m a sucker for Greek Mythology, right? The Goddess And The Chick With The Big Ass Gun by Reign90 fills my veins with joy over two of my all-time favourite things.

Calisto was the daughter of Hades, God of the Underworld she lives a life of excess and carelessness spending her days in luxury, but her father has had enough. 

Sticking to the fate seen by the ancient seer when she was a small child Hades sends his daughter against her will to Purgatory, he wants what had eluded his eternal dark prison finally.

This is an up and coming fic with 15 chapters published and more to come. You should all 100% check this fic out!

And that is it for this fic round-up. If you have any fics that you have been reading that we have yet to cover, please send them on using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our ‘Meet The Fangirls’ page and in the meantime, remember to support your local fanfic authors!

-Written by Christine

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