Fanfiction Round-Up: The Critical Role Edition

After a longer than expected hiatus, I am back! Yup, more fanfics have been read here and a new obsession has been uncovered in the form of D&D and Critical Role, so of course, I had to do a Fanfic Round-Up using this new found love in my life. Are you ready? Some of these made me break down in tears at 3 am, but that’s the joy of Fanfic right?

(Ps. There is a surprise for everyone in this with the fan art.)

First up is The Taryon Darrington Queer Society by wibbelkind. This fic is one I read during the week and it kept me up for hours reading it until 3 am when I really should have been asleep for an early wake-up call. If anyone ever wanted to see our favourite Mighty Nein at University, well this is the fic for you.

Beau studies History and Politics at the Solstryce Academy’s branch in Zadash and lives with her friends Fjord and Jester who are both from outside the Empire. She may be gay but the university’s Queer Society has always been Jester’s thing. Until they finally move back into the freshly renovated student society building and start off the summer semester with a grand party.

Yasha’s only been living in the Empire for six years. A refugee from Xhorhas, studying Cultural Studies at the university in Zadash is her one chance at higher education. She’s come to Zadash with her very best and very queer friend Mollymauk, who’s been a part of the Queer Society ever since he’s started studying. And now that they’ve moved back into their old meeting space, Molly’s dragging Yasha along to their weekly meetings.

Beau and Yasha meet at Zadash University’s Queer Society, while trying to figure out their orientations and relationships with the people surrounding them.

I am obsessed with this fic right now, and it has spawned so many ideas and so much creativity in me. It seems a lot of you like this too with over 650 of you giving it Kudos!

Have any of you guessed yet what the surprise is with this fan art? I’ll give you all a moment or two.

Once Upon a Time in Ancient Exandria by tfm is next on our list for today. It may be a long list and I in no way apologise. I never ever knew that I needed a Tomb Raider AU, but it turns out I have been missing it my entire life and I need more of it! The summary for this one outlines the latest story arc that the author is on.

The Soltryce Sting, or Caleb Widogast finds himself in the precarious position of having to plan a heist.

The Cerberus Assembly has the Beacon. Part-time librarian, member of the Kryn Resistance, and possible traitor Essek Thelyss would rather that they not have the Beacon. Caleb is interested in screwing over the Cerberus Assembly for other reasons.

It’s going to take a rag-tag team of unpredictable allies for either of them to get what they want (but what do they *really* want?)

I fell in love with this story so quick I got whiplash. Well, not quite, but it was something that I dived headfirst in to. This fic is still ongoing, and I just want it to keep going forever!

Let’s Pretend We’re Kids Again by fairytaleslayer is one I stumbled upon completely by accident when I was looking at some other fics in this series, which is titled Beau-Centric One-Shots. This series examines Beau and her mindset and it completely broke my Beau loving heart!

Just when their previous charges are ‘all grown up’, Allura meets a new batch of kids that need her and Kima’s help.

Particularly one prickly monk.

Who doesn’t love a little crossover between the campaigns? Well, I do (even though I jumped right in at campaign two and I’m now going back to watch Vox Machina). Beau is so soft in this fic and deserves to be protected at all costs. Over 14,000 of you agree with me in this and have read this fic which I have devoured from its first to its last chapter.

Come on. You must have gotten the surprise by now!

Home Forged by ShadowCr0w is the second of our campaign crossover fics on this list, and I am completely in love with it. We all know Beau deserved better parents than the Lionetts, but what if she was adopted by some of our Vox Machina favourites?

The panic that went through Vex’ahlia as she was told their recently adopted daughter had disappeared somewhere in the keep was not something she ever wanted to experience again. Percy and Keyleth insisted she was fine, but helped her search for their wayward child to ease their own concerns.


Or the au where Beau is adopted by Keyleth/Vex/Percy

This fic healed my soul because understandably, we got to see Beau with parents who genuinely loved her and supported her. You can read it from start to finish right now with 14 chapters and a word count at exactly 28,000 words. Now that is impressive.

We are finishing off our list today with the first Critical Role fanfic I read, and the one that just utterly destroyed me, when everybody sees the rainbow (i’m stuck in the rain) by lexa_lives_in_us for superfrumpkin. I am a sucker for Soul Mate fics, and this one pulled me in so fast.

Yasha’s mother dies of childbirth, holding onto life for a couple of hours before giving up on both her husband and her newborn daughter. Yasha’s father is away on a mission when this happens, and when he comes back, he cradles his daughter in his strong arms and softly sings her to sleep.
Yasha grows up as a quiet, melancholic child, and when she is three her father realizes she can’t see colors.

Beauregard is born in a wealthy household, with a loving mother and an absentee father.
Beau can see colors without any sort of problems, so her mother knows that her little girl’s soulmate is somewhere out there in the world. 


The Beauyasha Colorblind Soulmate AU no one was asking for.

If you need a really good cry at 2 am, this fic is for you. I was broken after this one and had to go find something cheery to read to put me in a mind frame to actually go to sleep. With 11 chapters, you can read this one pretty quick, but I take no responsibility for the eye leaking which probably will ensue.

And that is it for today’s fanfic round up! I hope you all understood what the surprise is. I started doing Fan Art again due to a lot of inspiration and creativity that came back into my life when I started watching Critical Role. You can check it out on that IG account which is where I have been posting now for a little over a month after trying to do Inktober for the first time and almost managed it.

If anyone has any fics that they want to share from anything that they are reading, don’t forget to share them on to us and they may just make it into the next fanfic round up. You can send them on using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our ‘Meet The Fangirls’ page and in the meantime, remember to support your local fanfic authors!

-Written by Christine

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