Fangirls Christmas Gift Guide 2020 pt. 1

Hello hello! And Welcome to this year’s gift guide, or at least part of it anyway. This gift guide brings you gifts for your loved ones from some old favourite fandoms, as well as from some new ones. So kick back with your hot chocolate, put on some festive music and get those credit cards ready because we have some for the big spenders here as well as for those of you who want to get more of the little things for the people you love.

Dungeons and Dragons

I know what you are all thinking here (especially if you follow our editor on Twitter) but hear us out. Our editor has quite a few of these, I mean she does have the exact dice shown below as well as a few other variants, so why not show some love to the players and DM’s in your life with some of these gifts.

1. Yasha Dice Palette by mintandmustard at £10.00

2. Hexagons Dice Tray by CriticalTreasures at £20.00

3. Extra Large Dice Bag  by  CriticalCreation at £43.01

4. The Book of Dice by DTaylorWoodworking at £36

5. Pike Trickfoot Tea : Vox Machina Tea Collection by GlitterDustTrinkets at £14.08+

6. Oak and Walnut DM Screen by DTaylorWoodworking at £81


With a new Batwoman coming to our screens next year, now is the perfect time to stock up on some really cool gifts for the Batwoman fan in your life.

1. Batwoman Batarang by ComicSandwiches at £21.90

2. Batwoman Custom Resin Model by Minijenixat £22.99+

3. Batwoman Handpainted Hoodie  by  FunkyTownFTC at £28.16

4. Batwoman Cosplay by CosPlayCostumeUS at £46.84+

5. Batwoman Watercolour by gingerkidsart at £7.51+

6. Batwoman Catco Cover by TheSocialSuperheroes at £12

Wonder Woman

Can’t wait for Wonder Woman to come out on Christmas Day? Us neither! Time to get that merch for your at-home viewing surrounded by all things Diana Prince!

1. Wonder Woman Ring by MolayJoyasHandmade at £31.30+

2. Wonder Woman Minimal Poster  by Colorfulideasart £4.21+

3. Wonder Woman Cross Stitch  by  BoboStitch at £17.00

4. Glowing Lasso of Truth by TipTopWorkshop at £22.49

5. Wonder Woman Sweater by TopTeeStudio at £19.50+

6. Canvas Shoes by HelenGibsonDesigner at £52.00+

The Last Of Us

After playing TLOU once this year, and then playing TLOU2 twice, it is safe to say that our editor is OBSESSED with this game series and wants everything that she can get her hands on. The only limitation she has is the amount of space she has available for any of it as she is currently at zero for any more merch!

1. Ellie’s Backpack by RogersCraftshop at £53.20

2. Fireflies Pendant by TinyPlanetTreasures at £10.99

3. Endure and Survive Print  by  LoisGoodyArt at £6.00+

4. Ellie and Dina Bracelet by TrendyLush at £15.68

5. TLOU2 Gold Foil Print by ShonaLynneTattoo at £30.00

6. Abby’s Gun Show Hoodie by GamerGearOnline at £29.99

Wynonna Earp

We did promise some old favourites, didn’t we? With the return of the Earps to our screen this year and next, what better way to watch than with some new pieces on and around you.

1. Wynonna Earp Plushie by DemonsandDonuts at £26.60

2. 2021 Earp Calendar by EarpBands at £11.25

3. Vanilla Dipped Candle  by  EndlessWonderDesigns at £6.00

4. Purgatory Sheriff Department Beanie by GPStitches at £15.64

5. Earper Ring by GemsAndMoreCreations at £10.80

6. Earp Shot Glasses by PEZMachining at £51.18

Horizon Zero Dawn

Let’s cut back to February before *2020* and look at a game our editor played oh so long ago. With Horizon Forbidden West due to come out soon, what better way to get back in the zone than to surround your loved one (or yourself because let’s face it, we all buy ourselves multiple gifts anyway).

1. Neo Traditional Tattoo Aloy Print by SavageSprayOut at £7.00

2. Aloy Candle by HappyPiranha at £9.95

3. Aloy’s Ultimate Bow  by  CollinsCreations3D at £119.99+

4. Aloy’s Focus by CollinsCreations3D at £18.99

5. Oseram Tribe Bracelet by TinyPlanetTreasures at £9.99

6. Horizon Zero Dawn Minimalist Print by ChromaePrint at £15.37+

We did promise you all more Superhero gift ideas last year! We have even more to come your way with even more gift ideas for the fan in your life (even if it is yourself!). Now that window shopping is over for the day, it is time to curl up and rewatch Happiest Season with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some popcorn. Happy Shopping!

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