Wynonna Earp Fan Predictions: E310

Oh hi, guys! Can you believe it? Episode 10 is here already! I know, I can’t believe it either! Each week my own theories seem to have become deeper and more in depth, so I don’t know if this is something that has been happening to you as well. I am both excited and sad for this one, excited because ‘YEY! Another Friday night with a new episode of Wynonna Earp’, sad because ‘Damn, we only have one more Friday of this left this year’. I feel somewhat cheated. Anyway, shall we move on to the predictions?

Theory One:

I think that Julian is Mars Del Rey. We already know that angels and demons exist, and we know that the devil was a fallen angel cast out of heaven. We have also seen that Bobo was a good man before he became revenant, thus making him a fallen angel. If Bobo is an angel, that would technically make him one of Julian’s brothers, and therefore Waverly’s uncle. In the comics, Bobo does have a brother, Mars Del Rey. If Julian is Mars Del Rey, that would explain why Bobo says that he and Waverly are kin. –Christine

Theory Two:

Kevin is one of Bulshar’s minions and he named them all Kevin so he didn’t have to remember their names -Katherine

Theory Three:

Nicole has had a lot of backstory this season, so what if her parents (or a sibling) turn up in town and that’s who she is saying hi to rather than being glamoured again and giving us more of an insight into who she is.


Another week, another set of fan theories. I for one hope I was smart enough with my own one, theory number one, but I’ve rarely been right all season, or if I have been right it’s not been in the way I expected. (check out our Season 3 overall predictions here where I predicted Nicole’s Parents are part of the Cult of Bulshar – I mean I got the part that she survived the cult correctly, but that’s about it!). As always, we shall see in a matter of hours if any of these are correct!

-Written by Christine

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